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what's the livery editor like?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by yellowpinkie, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Hi all

    Can anyone tell me what the livery editor's like? Easy to use? Can you save multiple designs for each car? Will we be able to download other people's designs?

    Many thanks

  2. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    Didn't know there was one? I assumed people were making skins in photoshop. Too busy racing in game!
  3. There is no livery editor, the skins are made using photoshop/GIMP/other programs. Would be neat to have but it was never a high priority feature.
  4. so you can load your own?
  5. will we be able to import our own car liveries?
  6. Yes, but currently only one skin per car.
    Done one skin my self to test it.
    Must say the file was quite large.
    16 Mb with dxt1 and 32Mb with dxt5 alpha.
    Anyone else can confirm the size of the skin files?
    Might be problematic with +20 cars on the grid with own skins.
  7. If you use a custom design for your car for an online race, does everyone else see it or do they see some sort of default livery?

    Wonder whether SMS will provide any tools to import them?
  8. The resulting DDS texture file, which should be DXT1 no alpha, is typically ca. 2-3 MB for a standard 2048x2048 livery. Are your liveries exceptionally hi-res?.
  9. The default templates are 4096x6144, so they are high resolution.
    6 times the size so it is about correct with the size of 16 Mb then.
    Probably why the cars look so stunning.
    But I don't know if I can scale it down with lower res, to get the size of it down.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2015
  10. sure looks good, but I'm worried if all drivers have them, is there a need for upload before the race.
    That could take quite a while if there are many of them.
  11. Did a resize (50%) of the skin template in .psd format, before saving it in .dds.
    Got it down to 4Mb, and it worked well, still looks good also.
    So then there should not be any major issues.
  12. SMS saves the final liveries as 2048x2048 DXT1 no alpha, generate Mip maps. These are the ones that will appear as the Ultra Car Detail setting liveries.
    A resize once you're done with the template is recommended. I myself resize to 4096x4096 for my customs, of which I have done many on Project CARS. :)
  13. Currently pCARS doesn't allow you to select a Custom livery in Multiplayer. That's a feature that will come post release with the Steam Workshop feature. The Workshop will be where you share custom liveries and setups. It'll need to auto subscribe you to their livery in the Workshop if you end up in a race with them so you can see it in the race. And of course you will need your livery in your Steam Workshop for others to see it in MP races. They didn't have time to finish it before release.
    For the console versions they're looking at doing something similar called Race Locker(name is place holder). Again all post release feature patch.
  14. Yes, the templates are quite hi-res. The standard livery DDS is 2048x2048 for memory reasons. If one adds Fresnel and specular maps, even more memory gets used. As you've found out, you can save the DDS in any resolution. Don't worry about the aspect ratio, the DDS will be stretched to fit in the game. Like SternLX, I've also used 4096x4096 some times just because we can :)
  15. I have raced MP with my custom skin. i have no clue what the others saw of course, but it was no problems to choose it for the race at least.

    Good to know what resolution to use.
  16. i wonder what they will do for us console folk who cant mod the cars????