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What's the game missing?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Eeshan, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Okay, this game is fun but quite dull and gloomy somehow. For the reality thing, this game is missing some things like :
    1. Safety Car
    2. Dull pitlane, usually there are many people in the pitlane, includes news reporters cheerleaders.
    3. Boring start of a race, I saw many people including pit crews in the start of a race in Moto Gp 08.
    More to come......
  2. i don't think it's dull at all, this game is pretty exciting for me. i don't understand what you mean with pit crews in the start of the race. in real life, i only see the cars in the track. safety car could be nice, but there are so many potential bugs related to it that i prefer the game without it. the other things that you're missing for me make absolutely no difference and there are a lot of things really important that i miss instead of this, like access to previous results, podium celebrations and better a.i. behaviour.
  3. PS3 version needs commentary - don't know if there is any on the other platforms
  4. Ok actual things this game needs and not just some visual effects

    1.Better physics: At this time there is to much grip and no feeling of power is transfered to the pedals the throttle is on or off no need to feather it as the back end will not step out.

    2.Set up: There needs to be more input from the changes made in the set up section at the moment setting that should not work at all are the ones giving you the best grip levels.

    3 Anticheating Software: There needs to be something that checks Core game files as you join the Multiplayer lobby and if they are not the same as the default ones then that person should not be allowed to enter the MP lobby. Time Trials needs the same the cheating is getting out of control.

    4 Full Sim Setting. This game needs a full sim setting allowing you to do Long Weekends with Practice, Quali, and Race also they should get there heads together with MOTEC and get motec working in game .

    5 Deadicated Server: This game needs Server files so RD can set up it own Deadicated server where members can hang Like rfactor and GTR2 you quite offten find players racing in the Race2Play servers and a practice session can turn out to be really good fun when you can practice with friends and fellow racers.

    there are a few more things but again Visual and not important , It is how ever important to get the game handling right before you bring out more content so let hope CM sort it out . Keep on racing
  5. I'd prefer just a proper post race celebration instead of those unreal interviews and the trailer mom's comments on my progress, those things give me zero immersion, everyone can see through the simple rules and repetitive questions/answers/comments.

    Fist pump moves, driving around with your nation's flag during celebration lap, podium celebration moves with custom background for each location plus some rotating newspapers with simple generated titles and photos with the names/faces/helmets of the involved drivers would have been way more fun... I understand they are slowly building up a database of models and movements and options and they will add stuff in the future, but they chose the wrong route I think... in a way it works for advertising the game, live the life etc but it just isn't fun once you have the game and see how it works = disappointment

    Edit: And by the way I kind of realize how hard it is to organize the development of such a massive game and how many big and small design choices have to be done, I like the boldness of some of the routes they took but alas it didn't quite work, it is just an observation not an attack towards the development team, they did quite an effort I think.
  6. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I want the tires hit the asphalt.
  7. This game needs a good spectator mode incase u get taken out or crash, also onboard camera angles to watch individual drivers, you could get some good footage for youtube and league race vids would be pretty good too. It could also be reviewed for any after race disputes in league races.
  8. Codemasters were always releasing this game to the general public and not focusing too hard on the more serious sim racers IMO and if they had of went the other way they would have more complaints as there is a far larger market for the arcade side of racing rather than sim side IMO i could be wrong about that one

    But in all fairness the game is not a complete failure and i cant see why they cant have a realistic setting for the hardcore racers where the grip is realistic camera angles etc no HUD and so on.

    Some of the things i think they could do is have more intuitive engineers in real F1 the race engineers are always updating drivers about how much power they are putting down letting them know if their wheels are spinning too much etc, so far all i have heard from the engineers is a load of useless rubbish and moments of concentration then i mess up because of it.

    The engineers are always inacurate about how far behind the opposing teams are and generally make a bloddy nuisance of themselves.

    Commentary would be nice but how easy would it be to have commentary in the game as every race is different and i reckon after a while it would get quite irritating as they would probably just start repeating themselves like the pit crew.

    Also some sort of post race telemetry would be a really nice feature as i would like to know how well or badly im doing whatever the case maybe.

    I totally agree with the statement above of post race celebrations and podium celebrations and also the press interviews are really repetitive the same stupid questions the same stupid answers.

    @Dany what settings do you have on your game because with TCS off ABS off tyre and fuel sim off and damage on with worn tyres if you put the boot down the car will spin dunno where you get that idea from.

    All in all though the game is a good stepping stone for the future and maybe if codies listen to the public it can only get better.

    Peace :)
  9. +1 Good point here. It also needs brake improvements for all cars. I've never driven an F1 car, but I have driven a few laps in a Formula Ford and though not carbon brakes...they have great stopping power.
  10. I don't think the game has too much grip, i think the physics are not even close to spot on but too much grip would assume the cars are going too fast, when infact its quite simple to see that for the most part the cars peform less than in real life, especially under braking. I would love it if they fixed the FFB to actually do something other than provide resistance and the odd rumble. I would like if the car would react more naturally when oversteering so that you can feel it moving around rather than the back end instantly spinning from the centre point, and i would like if you could catch the back end out with a natural, fluid but precise and fast reaction rather than what we have now where slamming the brakes fixes all, and the steering wheel almost does nothing.

    I would like to be able to look at all my laptimes and sectors in any session or race, i would like to be able to look at telemetry. I could also say i wish the games "live the life" included more than just a press conferance after a race, winning the world championship i expected more than just another interview before moving to season 2.

    But all those things aside, its their first attempt at an F1 game and they crammed a lot in, theres a lot missing but the game is still really good, however i expect big improvements for 2011, they have to raise the bar.
  11. Ive never seen cheerleaders at an F1 race like ever.
  12. PC version needs a PC style GUI and not this annoying console style GUI. I like GUIs that are all business and effective and not something that is all flash and slows down access to the game. I expected this though because I do own Dirt2 also.
  13. Formation lap & manual starting precedures woohoo.

    I think your forgetting, if the game had a safety car it would be always out on track as there is always incidents and debris online. Perhaps in career mode not so bad.
  14. yeah you wouldnt be able to use the safety car in online mode it would just have to stay out the whole time but career mode it would be great
  15. Sound Levels - could do with a finer tune. If you put the engine noise down to its lowest level before it is off, it is still quite loud. Fine for normal play sure, but if you want to use Team speak, Vent etc, its not low enough to hear your VOIP.

    Multiplay to incorporate long and short weekends, instead of just Qualy and Race or Just Race. That way you can do a whole race weekend with your pals, from 3 Practice sessions - 3 Qualys, to knock people out as you progress and then to the race.

    Safety Car as mentioned

  16. yeah the sound levels are a pain also i agree with that cant hear people talking on it most of the time
  17. Game is pretty good as it is. my 2 cents

    Telemetry data/tire temprature adjustment/quick race with AI/tad bit of better graphics/Multi Player connection when joing lobby/support spring adjustment (stiffen-loosen) pedals for xbox 360.
  18. The game needs speed-trap data. I wanna tell if my top speed is competitive and therefore if I've got my basic dowforce setup right. Fundamental info frankly.
  19. Are there any major differences between x box and ps3 versions? I haven't spoke to anyone on xbox to make an unbiased comparison with the ps3 version without them getting into a whose platform is best argument.