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Whats peoples opinions on a some kating events?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Josh Barton, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Being sim racers, im assuming that a fair few of us have done some karting as a kid. Sure, a lot didnt, or a lot werent very good, but they were fun all the same. So what would people think if say we ran some club events based on the humble go kart? Theres a fair few usable mods out there, and some decent short kart tracks. The nature of the tracks would mean that there would be lots of close racing, especially with plenty of people racing, it would be near constant competition. It wouldnt be clean racing compared to other mods, but i dont think it would need to be: The damage would be low to encourage wheel to wheel fun, agressive overtakes, and there would be less emhpasis on winning.

    I see this as an idea for the younger less experienced simracers to find their feet in a less competitive environment, in slower karts that ensure that no matter what skill level the racing is close. It would open opportunities for people who are too intimidated to start up in sim racing in rfactor in the usual big HP cars at use, and be a bit of stupid fun for the more experienced where practice is almost unnessesary and banging around off each other wouldnt be an interesting diversion from normal racing practices.

    Let me know if my idea has any merit at all! lol
  2. hmmm, you've got my interest. Would all karts be based on 100cc single gear karts? If it's something like TKM or Rotax karts then yeah I'd be up for a bit of fun with them.
  3. I suppose it would depend on what kart mods there are, and which ones can be used without violating copywrights etc. Though yeah it would be something like that, lowish power, short tracks, and lots of drivers. And a very relaxed attitude compared to other events.
  4. Sounds like fun, I'd have a bash.
  5. World Karting mod has some excellent Honda 4-stroke Karts ;)

    For the tracks there is Buckmore Park and Crail that I find very good !
  6. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Buckmore Park is my local kart circuit. :)
  7. Lucky sod :D
  8. Buckmore FTW!!! Haven't been there for a couple of years now, last I was there we did a 6 hour endurance event for RDI. Started in the wet, halfway through my stint I started to find a dry line, was very entertaining st the bottom of damon hill to say the least lol.

    I say we do it, honda 4 strokes can be fun, and buckmore is a decent track. Heres to hoping they have Thruxton and Teeside too :D
  9. I think that we need to see how big an audience there is for this sort of thing before we can even think about actually making events. Or requesting them. At this stage its merely an idea :)
  10. Yeah, the 4-strokes are awesome and the sound is spot on ! :D
  11. How about the handling?
  12. I like the sound of this!
  13. Id only choose rfactor simply because its the fairly widerspread, pretty moddable and is generally more stable online for me than Race 07.
  14. Thats the one thing that worries me when any car sim gets a kart mod, it's always about the differential, and the fact karts don't have them lol. But if they're spot on besides that, then it'd be awesome :D
  15. Yeah, it's not that bad anyway having driven something similar in real-life...

    The more powerful ones are wayyyy too tail-happy though...

    Oh ! Don't spin at high speed because you're gonna flip :S
  16. :D sounds like this could be a lot of fun
  17. we gonna do some karting soon? :D
  18. Well, I don't know XD
  19. I would race karts!

    Are we waiting for a forum-leader to post an event or do we just want to start racing?