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Whats mean by Steer Assist in Ferrari F2002 setup menu ??

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by LazyBug, Jan 28, 2016.

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  2. IRobot

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    It helps with vibrations around the centre that some wheels can suffer from. More info here
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  3. Yeah looks like lesser value make my wheel vibrate more violently ... not so sure whats the purpose for this but guess will stay on 100 or may be 95% ..
  4. here is what it is actually doing, if you dont already know, its the only ffb parameter in the car data files other than ffmult which is obviously just a multiplier.

    "Steer assist is a variable power steering. It doesnt work on speed but it works on the amount of force. It's basically a gamma function, I use gamma functions a lot in AC.
    So let's say you have a FF input from -1 to 1 (it's the job of the ffmult to get the actual torque and scale it down to a normalized -1 , 1 range)... the resulting FF after the steer assist will be:


    The job of steer assist is to allow the driver to feel the steer "full" at low speed with cars with heavy downforce without killing his arms if the car is going through a corner at 200kmh. The rule for steer assist is very simple:

    Are you doing a F1/LMS or other VERY high downforce car designed in the last 10/15 years?

    yes ? experiment with steer assist value below 1 only AFTER you've tuned the ffmult to give you a good range of forces in the -1..1 area
    no? steer assist is 1"

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