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Whats going on with the Steerring these days????

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by George Pilkington, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys
    Whats up with the steering these days?
    I cant get anything to feel right anymore.
    There appears to be a new slider in options that adjusts the throw at speed???
    I have a g27 ARC modded and it now feels rubbish, in comparrisson to how it was 2 weeks ago.
    The steerring rack seems very fast and then there is a heavy resistance at about 1/2 a turn that was not there before...
    Can you help me with this please?
    or have I been on the ovals too long....
  2. Well from what I know nothing has been done to steering in last few weeks and I didn't experienced anything similar on my MOMO. Damping may cause heavy resistance, however it's wierd, because G27 has weak motors. Is your G27 all right? I don't think it's iRacing's fault, hardware or wheel drivers problem is more likely in my opinion.
  3. Thanks Jan, the G27 is new and it was going fine last week...
    I will have a look at the settings for damping. Thanks.
  4. you may also want to check the steering ratio in the car set up at 8:1 you'll fell everything, but at 16:1 you dont
  5. Thanks guys, I checked the logitec profiler and set the top setting to 101% rather than 100%.
    Picked this up from somewhere here, from another forum, so thanks for that. :)