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What's everyone racing with?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Aaron Wickman, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Controllers, steering wheel/pedals, keyboard/mouse?

    Post them. Also, can anyone give me suggestions for a good steering wheel/pedal setup?
  2. mouse + keyboard
  3. Mouse! In the data/controller folder I use a control set I've used for a long time that uses logical keys to control things.
  4. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    DFP Wheel...
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Mouse in this house, MS Sidewinder wheel/pedals in my other.

    Will probably be buying the cheap fanatec at some point.
  6. Momo Logitech. It's a great wheel in my opinion, and I bought it for peanuts!
  7. Hi & welcome,

    I use a G25 with a surround config.
    Here's the link to set your controller :


    My config goes as follows :

    Logitech Profiler :

    All by default except :

    Centering Spring Force : disabled at 100%
    Combined Pedals : enabled
    Degrees of rotation : 900°

    In racer :

    Controller : 240°
    Friction : 3%
    Stick F : 3.25%
    Damping : 1.25%
    Inertia : 1.5 %

    In my car :



    wheels0 + 1 :


    pilot.body.model.animation :


    Everything works fine, also I usually lower the noise values in special.ini for most tracks...too much rumbling.

    Also consider, that most of your car settings (suspension, tires (Pacejka), bodyaero, etc..) have a massive influence on your driving experience, so in my case, I just debugged my car with :


    in racer.ini.

    Results in Qlog...
    My 'updated car' with everything nicely set, some days to get that result, everything corresponds/ was extracted from my 3D app (values) :

  8. Momo Racing Logitech - i got it for racer and NFS 5 Porsche Unleashed xD
    It does the job, and is still alive! :D
  9. well I was racing with 2 Momo Racing wheels, but now while waiting to get my new wheel I'm just using keyboard and mouse. (I guess its going to be a month or so until I get my new Fanatec GT3 RS wheel)
  10. lucky bastard :D i wish to have the same wheel xD but its too damn pricey :(
  11. I just use a G25.
  12. Logitech DFP :)
  13. i have one cheap wheel with 900 degree, it's "new" dfp called dfgt (driving force gran turismo) it's nice and works smooth. but it can't be perfect for this price, the minus are the pedals. they are ok. just ok not something good but my still work awesome after ~2 yrs
  14. G25, which I find pretty nice for cost/quality and features etc.

    Only thing it could be better for is sound.

    If it could spin a bit faster of it's own accord, and spin 2000deg, then it would be ideal for Racer from lorries to F1 cars :D

  15. I just use a mouse... The list of computer hardware I want is rather large :p maybe when I'm not a broke student I'll whittle it down a bit.
  16. + 1 for mouse !
  17. Mouse is surprisingly good if you get good at it.

    I know for a fact Ruud is pretty handy with mouse controls :D

    Someone needs to make a FF mouse ;)
  18. I use mouse when just fiddling around with Racer.

    I have a DFP, but I use it mostly for racing in rFactor.
  19. Microsoft Sidewinder USB wheel FTW! bought for £100 about 8 or 9 years ago still works apart from the Force feedback turning off from time to time, i think its to do with the Power cable
  20. That was a good wheel for it's time, very good, and a good price too!