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Mods Whatever You Do.. Don't Crash! 2.0


  1. TemplarGFX submitted a new resource:

    Whatever You Do.. Don't Crash! - BRUTAL Damage Simulation (WARNING : OFFLINE ONLY!)

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    Last edited: Jan 10, 2016
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  2. Yeeeees! But this dont work online like RX and online rally competition? :)
  3. It allows Racenet login, so you can if you want, but I cannot guarantee that Codemasters won't do something like ban you for using modded files online
  4. Okey! Will ask. If I understand it right, when installing this, all cars that I bought will dissapear and I need to start to earn money all over?
  5. No. Your Campaign will be frozen at the point that you installed the mod. When you revert your game back to the original files, the Campaign will continue to work.
    Same with Custom. Any in-progress races will be constantly in progress, even if you retire/finish them.

    For example, if you quit 2 races into a season, then install the mod. when you finish the season after and restart the game, you will be back to 2 races in.
  6. Okey but thats not to bad :) as long as we dont lose the cars in our garage and money, its okey! :)

    Regarding online rallying/rx, I cant see why this will be cheating because this makes it harder,not easier? But have to ask Paul!

    This do not include the particle mod right? ETA on that?? :) :) hehe
  7. I personally would not ban someone for using this online in custom matches vs friends, but I'm not Codemansters LOL. Let us know here if you get a response!

    Particles are coming! Im hoping to get it out this weekend also
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  8. Fantastic! Thanks Templar, can't wait to try this later. :thumbsup:
  9. It seems like this will not be accepted online regarding what Paul says...

    Its not about this mod but its about the files that you have been working on..Some one else can make the car "stronger", thats why sadly...I think this is so great and its a pitty that it cant be used in events online. :(
  10. I thought as much! Oh well its still great fun offline!

    Did he mention custom MP matches?
  11. No I did not ask that direct question. I understand the them because there is some ****-ups that think cheat is fun but it ruin our experience...
    I want to use this and drive in the leaderboard events with it.

    But then it seems like I have to drive with my self instead :)
  12. If you use an application like JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler you can easily enable/disable the mod.
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  13. And if I use this and turn it off with that application, all thing will automaticly get back as it was before I installed your mod? Nothing changes except the damage model?
  14. It *SHOULD* yes.
  15. Great work Templar. Course it's sod's law that the first stage I drove to try it out, it was a perfect run. :rolleyes::laugh:

    Just one question, does it only affect front end damage? I lost control on a bend in Greece and had a heavy side swipe of a telegraph pole about level with the back wheel and even though the pole was tilted over at an angle, there wasn't any damage to the car, not even scrapes or scratches.
  16. Templar can you do a realistic damage mod tht doesn't take away the dirt accumulated on cars. Cause most of your damage mods do nd it really irritates me whilst driving.

    Thanks Mate,
  17. It is unilateral right across the vehicle, so it should have done some serious damage. What car, and a about what speed?
    I did have to edit each of the 39 cars manually, so there is a chance I missed a value

    I am not directly making a change to the dirt effect on the car, and to be honest I never noticed (but then again, i've been playing with modded damage in-game for so long now I don't remember what it was like before :p)

    I will be working on the "second pass" of the vehicles today, so while I am in there, i'll see if its something that can be edited
  18. Ive been working on the second pass today, and I wish I had your problem LOL. I try and go really fast and not F-up to make sure the damage isn't too insane but I always crash :p

    I think I will increase the range of damage on the wheels, so they take more to destroy, as I find it often feels over the top when you clip something at high speed and the wheel freezes some wobble or mis-alignment would be more appropriate

    Last edited: Jan 10, 2016
  19. It was the Impreza WRX (saloon not the hatchback) and it was about 50MPH

    I've not noticed any effect on the dirt accumulation while using this mod, everything is as normal. Just check your Shader Details in the Graphics menu cos I know that if it's set to ultra low, you don't get any dirt build up on cars.
  20. Can you just use the visual part of the mod, and not have a problem online, or anywhere else? Or are they working together?

    It DOES look very very convincing now. Cannot wait to see what you do with particle effects, I really think that could be improved a lot from current 'conservative' effects