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What would you take from Shift 2 and add to GT5?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Vincent Bihn II, May 12, 2011.

  1. GT5 is an awesome car game, I have never played one better but as most of you will agree GT5 was a bit of a letdown considering the 6 years it took to make.

    Shift 2 is a pretty good game but it's no GT5. That being said I think there are a lot of really cool things in Shift 2 that I would like to see GT5 implement. For example....

    1) All the dirt and rubber on the road in Shift 2. This is just incredible and is something GT5 is sourly lacking.

    2) The sound of the cars. Yes, every "stock" car in Shift 2 sounds like a race car which is unrealistic ((BUT)) as far as race cars or modified cars go, these cars sound fantastic! They have the spitting and popping of the exhaust when you let off the gas and the cars sound very close to how they should sound. I have a 2004 STI (It does have exhaust & headers, etc) and the Shift 2 STI sounds very close to how my car sounds. The STI in GT5 however doesn't sound anything like my car.

    3) With GT5 when you drive using the outside view (The screen that just has the gauges and nothing else) the gauges are just plane universal gauges that look the same no matter what car you use. In Shift 2 on the other hand the gauges look like the real gauges from the actual car your using. This is something the GT series should have done a long time ago.

    4) The sound inside the cars of Shift 2 sound much, much more realistic. You hear all the rubber and dirt hitting the wheel wells, as well as all the bumps and hits. Very realistic and very cool. In GT5 you get none of this.

    5) (Talking about from the inside of the car) In Shift 2 when you crash it sounds and looks like you have really crashed. In GT5 no matter how hard you crash it’s an unrealistic thud with almost no visual effects.

    6) Shift 2 also does a great job with car crashes from the outside. GT5's car crashes in comparison looks like a joke.

    So if GT5 could do some of these things in the next GT game I think it would be just amazing.....Or if Need 4 Speed could make the next Shift game look and drive like GT5 that would be great too.

    So what else do you think GT5 could use from Shift 2?
  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium Member

    That's a bit of an assumption on your part. I do not think GT5 was a let down. Sure, it has it's problems, but name a game that doesn't. No game is perfect, nor will it ever be. There will also always be plenty of people that like a game, and plenty of people that don't regardless of what features it has.

    You can't even compare it to Shi(f)t 2 because that game is plain arcade rubbish, just like the last one. Yeah, fancy crashes, cars with no weight, booming sounds, blah blah blah. Great. If sound and visuals were the defining feature of a decent driving game, most of the games featured here on RD would have been complete failures.

    I personally don't want any of that unrealistic rubbish in GT5. Maybe improve the sound a bit next time around, but leave the hollywood crashes and other unrealistic stuff to the arcade racers. GT5 is a sim, and it should stay that way. The further away it is from the Shift series, the better.
  3. I think Vincent has some valid points though, Ross.. For an HD game like GT5 not to have fantastic HD sound (but capable to be played on large theatre setups, etc - per the options menu), *is* a little bit of a letdown.

    Personally, I'm really REALLY starting to love playing in the cockpit view, with all instruments turned off relying on the acutal tach/speedo on the dash. Once I get the head-tracking figured out, I hope it adds to it. I think if I could get more realistic sounds (like backfires, popping, etc), I think it would only add to the experience, and not detract from it.

    Considering there'd be no change to the fantastic driving in the game, and realism and experience would be increased, it's a bit of a no-brainer to me..

    I don't really care if they change the damage/crash graphics..that's not really the point, and considering you spend 99% of your time undamaged (hopefully), which means it really shouldn't matter. I imagine that was their thinking originally anyways...the other stuff is cosmetic, and yeah - doesn't really add too much substance.

    I've never played Shift2, so I can't really comment on anything else..
  4. I will not argue that Shift 2 is more arcade then sim but if you fine tune the steering lock and steering sensitivity it really is an ok game. But that wasn't my point. My point is that in Shift 2 they have done some cool realistic things that I believe GT5 is lacking. If GT5 was to bring some of these things into there game (Like the dirt and rubber on the road, etc...) then it would just make it that much more real. After all GT5 has always tried to be a Sim and be as realistic as possible so why would adding these real life things be anything but good? I'm not talking about the other stuff like blurring gauges and over the top nonsense like that but things that happen in real life, that should be there. :)
  5. Exactly
  6. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium Member

    Just stating my opinion, mate. It may differ from yours, but it doesn't make it any less valid.

    I do not have a problem with the sound as it is now, so I see no reason to change it. Perhaps it's your speaker setup that is making the game sound poor, because it sounds fine to me. (I only drive from cockpit view.) Dirt on the road I see as purely cosmetic and therefore unnecessary for me to enjoy the game or find it 'realistic'. Crash damage is much the same... I play the game to drive cars, not crash them. From cockpit view I wouldn't see the damage anyway.

    You have to understand that I view things as a realist, not a dreamer. In a perfect world of course everything would be perfect. But in the real world, any time a developer spends doing one thing takes time away from another. I would much rather have great simulated physics and lots of cars than dirt on the road and Hollywood sound effects/crashes.
  7. I hear where you’re coming from. Good points.
  8. circuits and the GT cars thats what i would take form shift
  9. After playing for a few days.

    The only thing I would like improved is the sound and maybe a few extra bells and whistles with already mentioned (track debris etc).

    Not a super big deal to me though. Nothing is ever perfect. Would be nice if it was though....at least once.

    ((It's been a long time since I have played a racing game of this(GT5) quality. Shift 2 was a total disaster to me.The community on that game was a nightmare. A bunch of 20 somethings taking bong rips, drinking Mountain Dew and trying to act cool...lol.
    Then the constant annoyance of some 12 yr old trying to wreck me the whole time is always a fun experience. Shift 2 did have great sound though)).
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    GT5 is a pure simulation game, when you disable the driving aids, with great physics. The cars feel like cars in the way they handle. The only thing the game lacks are good engine sounds.

    Shift2 could have been an awesome sim if SMS could do their thing but as with every NFS title EA demands it to be an arcade game :(

  11. That's exactly how I felt about Shift2. Great looking, great SOUNDING game that is just a little to much on the Arcade side for my taste.

    I gave it a rent for x360 a few weeks ago and gave it a good week of trying it out before I decided to just get a PS3 and GT5 : ).

    Again the only things I would take from Shift2 is the sound and a few extra bells and whistles with the environments (debris).
  12. I wasn't let down by GT5, I also was not really let down by Shift 2 but by expectations were much lower. If i had to take one thing from Shift 2 it would probably be the real world tracklist, in addition to the tracks in GT.

    I wasnt really impressed by the sounds of Shift 2, there were a few decent sounding cars but a lot of them sound terrible. Take an engine upgrade in a Mazda MX5 in Shift 2, absolutely terrible on a scale far worse than any in GT5, that is just lack of consistancy. If I were to take the sounds from a game then i would choose another. The problem with making sounds for a game like GT5 is being able to model over a thousand cars. Only some of them are going to sound good, and none of them are likely to sound exceptional, which is the case.

    So yeah, tracks.