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What would you recommend me ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Florin Palade, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. I wanted , some days ago, to buy Race on Bundle (Race 07, race on, stcc the game).
    But as i navigated trough the site I've found some other games that I might like to buy.

    I'm a semi-pro driver (using steering wheel) and I can't make up my mind on what to buy from:

    Race on Bundle, rFactor, GT legends , GTR 2, GTR evo ?
    What would you recommend me ?

    I've played every one of them and i like them all.

    Edit: For an answer of your question, I mostly like touring and gt cars , and from my list Race on was pretty much my favorite and Gtr 2 / evo was pretty hard for me to handle but it was pretty fun too.

    Final question: Which is the most realistic referring to car physics ?
  2. Hmm. That's a hard one. What series do you like? Old cars, F1, NASCAR, CART/IRL, WRC, Touring Cars, GT? All of these are in these games in one way or another. rFactor is easily the best for modding, GTR2 is for GT cars, and the RACE series is for touring cars, while GT Legends is what it says in the title. In rFactor, you have all the racing series I mentioned above. rFactor is by far the most spread out game, in terms of racing series. I started of with the RACE series and was very happy with it. I then got rFactor, and have now got GTR2 and GT Legends.

    If you liked all of them, go for rFactor. Take a look around here, you will get some brilliant advice.
  3. ok , thanks. Will think about that.
  4. If it's touring and GT you want, then I'd go for Race 07 w/ GTR Evo. Although you could easily justify the purchase of Rfactor with mods. There's plenty of touring car and GT mods for it.
  5. go for rFactor
  6. I started with GTR evo and It was a really good starting game. (BTW if you buy the Race On bundle you will get gtr evo also).

    This winter I bought GTR2 and GT Legends which are quite different but I like them more then the race07 games.

    They all have pros and cons.

    GTR2 - Best for GT Cars
    GTL - Best for old cars :p
    Race On - Best for Touring Cars

    don't have rfactor yet but I will get it soon because of the awesome f1 mods.
    think rfactor is the best mod game.

    Get them all if you can but If you just want to start I would recommend the race on bundle.
  7. Try the new Netkar Pro, it´s very cheap (19´90€) and fantastic simulator.