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What would you like to see in the next ORSM release??

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by still_bacon, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys

    To know what the community would like in our Mod, we need your feedback and to see your expectations.

    This is a wishlist, and not an inclusions guarantee, but I am sure there will be a lot of your suggestions already in production in the background.

    Please add to the list, and never know... We might even build a new Mod in the future based on your suggestions.
  2. Thing I would like to see are the different skins (Bathurst if they changed it from the sprint rounds) and windows (Enduro and sprint) for each season). Thats about it from me.
  3. Not sure if it has been raised or if they actually exist (if they do then please disreguard) but it would be great to see:

    1. A proper sized Pit crew in the teams colours that actually work on the car.

    2. The real safety/course car from the V8 series.

    3. rub marks on the panels from tyre marks and the compulsory paint swapping that occurs.

    4. Crowds that wave the odd ford or holden flag or two.

    5. An improved/new aussie engineer voice that provides input over the radio to you.

    6. V8 Brutes series? Pretty sure this has already been raised though..

    7. Some V8 Aussie grid girls on track, and

    8. bits of rubber (marbles) that build up off the racing line of the track.

    Thanks again for the great work so far, looking forward to 2010.

  4. Fujitsu series (currently getting ready to skin for 2010 series based on the 2006 mod)

    Sounds, make a bit more realistic taken from onboard footage, e.g make HRT sound like a HRT commodore same for JDR, and the Fords, SBR FPR etc
  5. More cockpit detail is the only major improvement I can think of myself.

    Some other tracks aside from Bathurst would be awesome. We are missing legal Adelaide, Sandown and Symmons Plains.
  6. Probably a very obvious one that you may well have been working on anyway, but, updating to the new models rather than putting current skins on the old 2006 models.
  7. While there is no rain in rFactor (not yet anyway), possibly a wet version of Bathurst.

    Edit: Just read the topic by Ryan re 2009 and what was answered.
  8. Eck Simpson

    Eck Simpson

    Further to Warrens question (maybe even to get some screenies... lol). There have been many shots of the VE, so I know its coming. Can I expect to defect back to the Ford camp, with a pristine FG?
  9. You guys usually put an update to Bathurst with the mod releases, so if you do there are two small but important things I would like to see added. The metal grate at Sulman and the "Brock's Skyline" wall. They are small but, iconic and it bugs the heck out of me to not see them there :D

  10. Each team has their individual car sound
  11. How will each team have their individual car sound? There's only two engines involved :D

    I'd like to see the headlight flare just like the Supra included. http://www.mediafire.com/?4trmzzxom5w
  12. Ryan cuz of the diffrent exhoust systems the teams use they will probaly have different sounds :) but not sure if its possible to realize in the Gmoto engien
  13. It is very possible in the Gmotor engine, lots of mods already do it. In any mod each car has a .veh file that, among other things, tells it which sounds to use. It would be quite easy to have certain teams with distinct sounds, like Kelly Racing for example.
  14. Sounds like that are hard to get mate. There made up from real recordings and TV broadcasts don't have the quality needed.
  15. yeah...? Even if they have only one sound per engine it is still hard to get a quality recording. I was just saying that given the correct sound files, assigning different sounds to each car, regardless of which engine it uses, is indeed possible in rFactor.
  16. Certain teams in V8 Supercars use special exhausts that make their cars sound different, eg. Jack Daniel's Racing. I recommend that you look it up on YouTube or something... the engine sounds raspier and has more of a high note to it. It doesn't have the deep throaty rumble of the normal exhausts, but it sounds just as good. :D
  17. Have to agree, the biggest thing for me is the sounds, with all the onboard footage now days you can really tell the difference between RF and RL. It's not just the engine sound either, it's the gear whine, back fire, gearshift etc.
  18. Honestly i would rather all efforts from now on went into the car of tommorrow, as we're still yet to get the release of the 07/08 mod which we're still waiting to get.
  19. working shift lights would be good as in FVR10
  20. Interesting Muz, but what do you mean in particular. We have had shift lights in the mod from the start.

    Can you please be more specific on what you would like.