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What wheel to get ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ries Notenboom, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Alright plain and simple:

    Which wheel and pedals suppose to give the best FFB in both the wheel and pedals(braking) ?

    I know there is a mod to have the g25 brake pedal give better feedback and all but isn't there anything out there that does it out of the box ?

    Reason for asking is my G25 is out of warranty and it smells like a plastic factory after driving for more then a few hours. Also my USB cable is sortof 'kaput', main issue really.

    Was thinking of the Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel rather then the g27 ?
    (though the latter I can get with 35% of code from Logitech)

    Or is there other stuff to look at ?

    Thanks !
  2. Hey Ries :)

    Depends, how deep is your wallet? lol
  3. I heard that the Fanatec has very good pedals, especially if you buy the clubsport pedals.
  4. I had the G25 for several years and now have the Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS V1 with Clubsport pedals which I like much more.

    The pedals especially are a huge improvement over the G25 pedal even with the load cell mod which I had. Much more adjustable and built much better.

    I also like the wheel more as I like the FFB better and the wheel has more adjustments also.
  5. Cheers for the responses. My Wallet ain't do deep anymore Brian :p Spend to much on the trackcar lol.

    Well I mostly am looking for some more feedback under braking. All a bit guessing now with the G25. Mike you mentioned you had the loadcell mod and yet the fanatec wheel proves to outperform this accoridng to you ? Getting that mod seems hard as the guy making it ain't producing any it seems.
    The Fanatec suppose to have more ffb build into the wheel as well indeed.

    No idea whats on the market besides those, think I need to google some more.
    Don't want to spend a fortune cause there is always better but not looking for a full out g force simulator, I'll take my own car out for a spin on track for that.

    Just find it annoying that you get so little feedback from the G25 especially under braking. No software changes will improve that within game.

    Might have to find someone closeby to test the fanatec wheel :) Rotterdam area anyone ? :p
  6. i wouldn`t advise that unless you have 400+euro in the bank to buy one, because you`ll love it that much you`ll want one straight away :D

    i recently picked up a secondhand Turbo S with club sport pedals & h-shifter & i love it, the pedals are superb and great to work on, already within a week of owning it i stripped them down 4 times & made 2 custom bars for the brake to adjust the travel. its taking some getting used to braking with a load cell, but it realy does feel like your braking in a real car compared to using a toy brake pedal, which the logitech does feel like after using the csp`s :cool:

    you could buy the club sport pedals 1st there 199euros and have usb plug, then buy wheel later :wink:
  7. Hey Ries,

    If you google abit around you'll read more than enough about G25 vs G27 and the Fanatec stuff. Overall i get the picture that Fanatec just do the job better than logitech. About the difference between G25 and G27 is not much. Only more quit, no shiny leather, no seq gearshift (such a shame) but it has a rmp indicator, for what it worth is. The pedals are the same.
    I believe rFactor, GTL, GTR2 and other race games doesn't support the rpm indicator. And besides that; not all the cars are the same, about the moment of gear change!!

    If you ask me take the Fanatec, without any doubt. Buy a new one with V(ersion)2. These are already been modified.
    I think there is no big difference between the service. Both are good enough.

    (edit) i see youre ranking place is 5.....19 wins..OMG, man take a 20 dollar steering wheel from the recycling shop from the corner ;-P And you wont be bored ;-)
  8. I would also choose the Fanatec CSP, It gives a nice brake feeling compared with the G25 pedals, I tried the G25 brake mod earlier, it makes the brake better, but not up to Fanatec class,
    Fanatecs TurboS wheel have great ff and is better then the GT3RSV1 wheel, who has better ff then the G25
  9. Thanks for the input guys. Been looking at the next step in sim racing wheels and cockpits but can't justify spending the money as it's rather spend on other things.

    Guess need to see if I can find me a good deal on the Fanatec wheel or at least the pedals.

    Still for this massive 35% discount at Logitech but wouldn't know what to get for use of the discount.
    Maybe buy dozens of items for several people with it and make more people happy hehe :)
  10. Maybe you could wait for the new Fanatec Carrera wheel. It's about € 150 for the wheel, standard shifter and standard pedals.
  11. Ordered me the Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel, couldn't resist and with a nice discount from the team it was a deal I could not let pass!
    So guess I am selling the G25 soonisch and can't wait to start racing with the clubsport pedals and offcourse the wheel :)
  12. Wheels

    I got to looking into the motors here recently for my G25 rebuild. The Logitech(Johnson motors) and the Fanatec(Mabuchi motors) are designed to fail, since the motors have brushes. I have got on the way the Mabuchi's for the G25, some new 10t pinion gears with set screws, motor spacers(if needed), and cut about 2mm off the front of the turning gear, to give clearance for the set screw on the pinion.