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What way do you guys learn a track and create a set up for it?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Jamie Fluke, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone...

    I hope my question is clear enough. As a background I only got back into the F1 series late on last year. Now I'm starting off fresh with 2012 and want to know the way you guys learn the tracks and set up the cars accordingly. Do you go into TT mode and do that or do you use practice sessions in Quick Race or do you use Career mode? How long do you take to get a set up?

    I am playing with a wireless controller for Xbox if that's a factor (don't have my wheel at Uni here nor do I have a good chair to use the wheel with).

    As for a level of ability on this years edition I am just a bit shy of the pace on Legend AI and comfortably better than the Professional AI, so I'm not bad but not going to be breaking any records by any means and I won't be challenging the best on here any time soon.

    The reason that I ask this is because I have always been rather rubbish at creating a set up to suit a track and instead go with what I feel comfortable (usually a stiffer front end than a rear with a fair amount of downforce) rather than what may be quicker.so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I guess most people use the TT to learn tracks and setups, not true for me, i hate TT so i learn the tracks and setups on practice sessions. This year (F1 2012) since we have only 1 practice session most of the times i had to restart the practice to get better. I know a lot abou the tracks except for the new America circuit but each year a new F1 title is released you need to "learn" the tracks again, not because o track details but grip levels and the car handling that is not the same every year. But really i guess its your call, you can choose what you whatever you want to learn a setup and the track. Not sure if its just me but for F1 2012 im finding more difficult to few the setup effects on the car, most of the times with some big changes i still feel just a little to no difference on my car. One thing that it feels much better this year is the car load (fuel) and the grip levels when you go out of the track, now you feel a big difference when playing on practice with just a little fuel and then going to the race with a full load.
    One tip that i can give you that i do sometimes... When i feel that im doing my best and i still can't get a good position (legend this year) i go and race a quick race, doing practice and qualy, but, using a faster car like Mclaren, just to be sure that can blame my carrer car lol!!
    But this is just when im playing season 1 with the first car. I don't recommend you to find a better setup using time trial because in TT you will be faster than playing carrer due to sim changes so if you like the carrer i would say that stick with the practice sessions and restart it untill you are feeling confortable.
    Sorry about my english, wish you luck "Jamie Hetfield" :)
  3. He's right, stay away from TT if you want to learn a track or work on setups. This gamemode has its own "space-physics", with no tyre wear, minimal amount of fuel and constant level of grip thoughout the track. Because of that, you can get away with REAAALLY extreme setups and take lines or braking points, that would be considered ridiculous in the other (more "normal") modes.
  4. Thanks guys. So it's probably best to just fire away at career mode and if I need an extra session I'll restart the practice session and go from there. I did notice when I was learning the Korea track that the grip was rather overkill so will probably have to learn the braking points etc. all over again and work on a totally new set up when that track comes around.

    Takes a while to get the hang of the tracks I even know because the last F1 game I had a real good go at was 04 back on the PS2 and that wasn't yesterday. Once again thanks for the advice :thumbsup: