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What type of racing do you prefer in rFactor 2?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Bram, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    What kind of racing series are you waiting for in rFactor 2?

    Oval racing
    Road racing
    or something else?
  2. I would like to see more/better Karting and Rally (not CORR and stuff - there is a lot of that available for rF1). Some Good WRC-style cars would be great!
  3. Yes Rally and Rally cross should be a great add. We need some race on gravel :)
  4. Karting and Rally are those I'll be looking forward to.
  5. agree with all above
  6. Karting and Open Wheels are exacly the same thing.....how ever I would say Karting, Open Wheels and GT
  7. I really wanna see a realistic kart. The current karts for rFactor 1 are horse **** (no offense to the modders, the game just isn't capable of modelling something so small and light realistically).
  8. Road racing for me. Don't like Ovals personally.

    rFactor has generally been better for Single seaters (Formula Masters in Race On the exception), but I hope to see plenty of quality GT and Touring mods hit rF2 in the future.
  9. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    Road and Oval for me.
  10. I have to say I enjoy the historic F1 mods, HistoriX, and Enduracers.

  11. Road racing first. I'd like to try oval racing as well but it's hard to get a full field for it I think.
  12. Yup, 80 mph go-karts are exactly the same as 250+ mph formula one cars, being that they are both open wheeled. Who gives a damn about all thier technological advances over a go-kart, they are just the same... no.
  13. I want to see formula cars (open wheels) and GTs.
    Well if the physics engine of a game can not quite please both, GTs and Open Wheelers, I´d perfer the physics made for open wheelers. Because for GT cars we have GTR :)