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What to do after downloading a mod?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by nish2280, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Hey guys im new to these forums and this is my first post.

    Can someone please tell me what to do after i download a mod from this website?


    If three already is a thread with instructions can you please direct me to it.

    Thanks :D
  2. Im still lost. After i download the file it comes up as a RAR. Do i copy that directly to the Race 07 folder or to the GTR evo folder?
  3. A RAR file is a 'archive file'. Use WinRAR to open RAR file's, then do everyhting it says on the link I posted earlier.

    Link to d/l WinRAR: http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar380.exe

    You will find this program VERY useful in the future.
  4. Thanks a lot for the help!

    But im still a bit confused. Do i put put the mod as an RAR file into the race 07 folder or should i extract the stuff inside and copy that into the race 07 folder?

    Thanks again.
  5. Extract the stuff inside the RAR file into the folder that was in the link.
  6. so do i copy the sound stuff into the sound folder and in the sound folder do i put it under the car section or do i just paste it into the folder itself.

    Sorry im technologically disabled
  7. Give me the link of the mod you downloaded through PM (you're not allowed to post mod downloads here, if I read the rules correctly). I don't quite know what you mean by sound folder. Could you explain a bit more? Thanks :)
  8. When the RAR file is opened with Win RAR, you will first see either a GameData folder, or Teams, Sounds and Talent folders when you first open it. Just highlight all of them and click "Extract", then when WinRAR asks you where you want to extract the files, point to either:
    #a: Your main RACE 07 folder, if it's a GameData folder you can see. OR-
    #b: The GameData folder inside your main RACE 07 folder, in the case of there being the Teams, Sounds and Talent folder included.
    Allow overwrites, because they won't replace anything important. Extract them, and then, TA-DAH - you've installed a mod. :)
  9. thanks man that helped a lot.

    One problem. well two actually.

    I Downloaded 2 mods off this website. the F1 05 one and the porsche 935 one.

    For the F105 mod i get this minidump error as soon as it gets up to the bit where it has to load the cars.

    On the Porsche 935 mod it lets me do a lap or two and then all the graphics get messed up! Is that my computer or is it the mod?
  10. Hmmm.
    With F105, are you sure you've extracted the Teams folder to the right place? Usually there are car loading errors if the Teams folder isn't installed correctly.
    The 935s... never heard of that problem. If you can run default cars successfully, then you should have no problem running mod cars. Could have something to do with the most recent patch - since that patch, pretty much everyone has been getting some sort of problem. Maybe someone else can help, as I have no idea how to solve it.
  11. I've got the same problem.

    What's your computer?
  12. i have a dell dimension 9200

    Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz
    1gb Ram
    320gb hdd
  13. Don't see the new tracks into GTR?

    Hello members, i also have a small problem with the tracks i downloaded from the downloadsite.

    The tracks don't show up in the game.

    There was no map called Gamedata so i made one.

    This is what i did sofar:

    Steam-steamapps-username-race 07- here were 2 maps customskins and UIData.

    Made a new map called it Gamedata, in this map i extracted from Rar a map called DafTopGear and there is a map into it called Gamedata whitin this map 2 maps : Melbourne and Monaco

    Do i have to remove the map Gamedata and place the other map on this spot whit the Melbourne and Monaco maps into it and than plce the DafTopGear maps into ass well?

    Or what do i do wrong, its maybe my age ( 51) and adding new tracks to this game is new to me}

    Can anybody help me in this matter and also tell me how to add some new cars in this game.

    Many thanks for doing so, an old man....:call-me:
  14. You need to put the folder of the track in the following location :

    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Username\race 07\Gamedata\Locations

    sometimes Tracks come packed in the Gamedata\Location\Trackname folder, and sometimes you just get trackname folder named after the track. If thats the case just copy the folder into the location folder yourselve :nod:

    for cars/mods its basicly the same but they come packed in gamedata folder allready so you need to copy them into the main race07 folder.
    Hope this helps....
  15. Thanks, just sorted it out myself by replacinging the Gamedata map i made for the Gamedatamap that game with the download and put also in that map the DafTopGear map and all works fine now.

    Just checked it out if that would do the trick, and it dit.......Never to old to learn, LOL.

    But many thanks for explaning bro, and so fast.....wow......thank you.