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What to buy? Fanatec CS shifter or Thrustmaster TH8RS?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Lol77, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Hello everybody.
    Which one is better? Is here someone who had experience with both?
    In my country, I can have TH8RS for 120€ new, and Fanatec CSS + USB adapter for 150€ + 20€ + 16€ postage.
    So CSS is about 1/3 more expensive. Is it really capable of this price difference?
    I really like stiff feel of shifting with h-pattern.
    Every opinion is highly appreciated.
  2. Turk


    I'm trying to make the same decision. I'm leaning towards the Fanatec because I have already bought the CSR set and can just use the sequential from that. So I wouldn't miss the sequential option on the Fanatec CSS.

    The fanatec looks like a stronger unit too.
  3. jimortality


    I love my TH8 shifter very solid.
  4. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    I love my TH8.......best shifter I ever used, not used the Fanatec to be fair, but can't imagine it can be better, and if it is better it cannot be "much" better imho, a testement to how good the TH8 is rather than anything bad to say about the Fanatec product.
  5. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    Just received my Fanatec CSS SQ today and I must say it's far better than I thought it would be, it's solid, all metal and alloy construction, the Sequential shift action is very Firm but not tight or restrictive, the 7 Speed gated shift is very smooth and the shifter movement between gears is very similar to the 6 speed box in my car. It has many different mounting options too, I considered the TH8 initially, but I'm glad I waited for the Fanatec TBH.

    In the 4 hours I have been using the CSS I have not had any issues with it miss shifting in sequential, nor have I had any real problems with using it in manual, a few missed gear changes here an there (human error lol) but otherwise, simply AWESOME shifter, worth the money in my book, even if it's a bit more of an expense.

    BTW I have fanatec CSW so I actually have 7speed manual shifter, if it wasn't CSW I would only get 6speed, this is the case with all non CSW wheels, which in some respects is the only negative I have found with the CSS. Never had or used a TH8 but I believe they are on a par with Fanatecs CSS.

    Good luck with whatever you decide, it's not an easy choice.

  6. Turk


    The metal case of the Fanatec looks more solid from what I can see in pictures, it also looks like a deeper unit which would allow for a longer movement between gears and a better feeling because the gear changes feel like they're happening down lower in the box.

    I wouldn't be able to use it as a 7 speed though. I have the forza wheel. With my current set up I wouldn't need additional accessories so the Fanatec is coming in at almost the same price as the thrustmaster. The standard version, not the SQ.
  7. The CSS is tempting I can´t quite find any alternative for H-shifter plus sequential AIO. If you get the USB adapter do you get all gears? Though most cars that have 7 forward gears you generally want sequential or rather paddles so It´s an industrial country problem as we say :)

    I have owned the TH8RS but it failed in the most important apartment. The endurance testing. It started to grind and I cleaned it and then it started grinding very soon again. Asked Thrustmaster for a rma but they didn´t want to do that even though it was still in warranty so I had to send it back to the store which was out of stock and get a refund instead.

    TH8RS was nice in it´s versatility and I got it for about 50 % less then what a CSS shifter overall will cost me including shipping adapters etc so have to judge a bit by that also but I was never all that impressed by the feel. Very light resistance there is a lot that could be done.

    One thing that was ace on it was that when it was fresh it was a really silent shifter. CSS seem to be fairly loud from the videos I seen so far.
  8. Turk



    Six forward gears is more than enough gears for any man! I think you're right, most cars with a manual gear stick on a track either won't have, or won't need a 7th gear.
  9. I don't own nor have used the Fanatec but I love my TH8RS. Coming from a G27 shifter its a major improvement and I reckon with Logiforces O-ring mod you have the stiffness some are looking for. Also just a rookie consideration but looking at the Fanatecs shifter gates the TH8RS has more defined positions. It just means if someones like me & you need to glance for a split second to check your gear position (if you have no other visual cues) I reckon the TH would be better for this.

    It got it for 70 euro new all in which was a steal so well happy.
  10. Welcome. I would like to know what you need space in centimeters on the desk to mount next to each other T500RS and TH8RS.
    Thank you very much for giving me an answer.
  11. I have had the CSS for some weeks now I have to say I can´t imagine someone coming to say it´s a matter of preference. I could consider to put the CSS in my real car.

    It´s a lot of bulk and I can see there is problems integrating it in a lot of rigs though and I would maybe want a more direct feel by the sequential but very little complaints about the H-shifter part except it is a slight annoyance that the knob is not 100 % fixed. Maybe should have gone for the clean H-shifter version I don´t know if that has a firm shaft or not?
  12. I wouldn't sell my CSS for 400$. One of the best pieces of hardware I have ever added to the rig.