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What the #*$!: "Schwalbe" Introduced In Motorsport?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Bram

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  2. hilarious :)

    What people will do amazes me every day.
  3. Haha. I really want to know what happened after !
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  4. Funny but also disgusting. I will never forget that image of Marco Simoncelli lying there lifeless in Moto GP for real live on tv. So to see some idiot like this doing this is poor. The funny part was the roll he did and looking up to see if people noticed
  5. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    Funny thing is that you don't need a license to play football or whatever, but in motorsport you do, so if someone does that there is only one punishment in my eyes :)
  6. I hope they cancelled his race license for not clearing from the track & endangering others....
  7. what a complete ass, this rages me so much :devilish: , total disrespect
  8. Jon Turner

    Jon Turner
    Premium Member

    A Grand Prix Moto Racer in Brazil has been banned from a local championship after pretending to faint during the race.

    The city of Santa Cruz do Sul in Southern Brazil witnessed one of the most bizarre scenes ever in Moto Racing.

    During the Rio Grande do Sul State Moto Grand Prix, competitor Marlinton dos Reis Teixeira - known by his nickname Kalunga - was unable to make a turn on the rainy track and slipped.
    He lost precious seconds trying to return to the race and decided to go for a red flag by pretending to faint in the middle of the track.

    Several racers passed by him and luckily Kalunga was not hit. Some of his fellow riders then stopped to help him.

    An ambulance and a safety car were sent to help the apparently stricken rider and paramedics took three minutes to remove him.

    Later, the MotoRacing Association of Rio Grande do Sul State found out about Kalunga's apparent faint and banned the rider from the championship.

    Read more here
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  9. LMFAO that fall on the track, lost it there xD
  10. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    #1 Cristiano Ronaldo Racing Team!
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  11. Well deserved.

    FIFA should take note. That's how you keep a sport clean.

    And the guy shows a complete lack of common sense, and care about everyone's safety, including his own. He has no business in a racing track, or in any kind of vehicle, motorized or not. In fact, I'm not sure he should be allowed to walk around.
  12. Tomorrow's newspaper: Hollywood discovers new acting talent!
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  13. magicfr


    Should be life banne.
  14. The bike was to heavy and he called it all the names under the sun so the bike secretly punched him.
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  15. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    #3 Arjen Robben Racing Team!
  16. Where the hell were the stewards? What an ass.
  17. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium Member

    Absolutely disgusting! My club would have never run the race without corner workers properly stationed.
  18. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    The video of my people; watch it! :p

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  19. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Hey....there is some :poop: on track :O_o:
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  20. Yes I am surprised the flag marshall prior to the bend was not watching him anyway ? And never mind getting banned from the championship - he must surely be ashamed to show his face ever again in the paddock.
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