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What Sim Racing Hardware Products would you like Reviewed?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. The Sim Racing Hardware Forum still has a number of exciting reviews and competitions to complete yet, but Kris and I would love to know what other products the members at RD would like to see tested?

    More Wheels, pedals, shifters, seats or peripherals such as sound cards, speakers, graphics cards, multi monitor setups? Let us know and we will see what we can do. Remember the SRHF is YOUR hardware forum, so get involved and take a look below at the reviews still to come!
    Fanatecs GT3RSv2 Wheel
    Symprojects RevBurner Board

    GameRacers Elite 'Game seat'

    Fanatecs PWC Carerra wheel

    Leave a comment here or PM either myself or Kris Vickers with your suggestions please

  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I would love to hear your guys opinion about the new F1 Playseat.
  3. Thanks for all these great reviews I love reading them :eek: but I cant wait for the Fanatecs GT3RSv2 Wheel review:)
  4. Danny, the GT3RSv2 is next up on the agenda............wont be too long :wink:
  5. Hmm, I think your doing well on the review front tbh, its a lot of content to get through. Personally I would love a gt3rsv2 review with a vid highlighting on-track differences aka ghost line racing of the reviewer, just wheel same pedals and full difference. this should highlight strengths and weaknesses of each combination, braking acceleration smoothness etc...
    I would also love Rd to get some discount for a group buy...maybe 1 of 2 will become reality :)

  6. I would love to see some CST pedals reviewed. I have no clue if you can get a hold of the guy, I can't. About a month ago I had the cash to buy a set and he did not want to respond to emails, pms, anything.
  7. Maybe some clothing? Racing-shoes and -gloves?

    And I would love to see a good review of the Buttkicker Gamer2. Is it worth the money?
  8. NurKs, I hope to be reviewing the Buttkicker gamer 2 soon :D
  9. :doublethumb:
  10. This isn't just for sim racing, but how about the 'eDimenional 3D glasses', They worked well in Windows XP on a CRT screen , but I couldn't get them to work for LCD screens with Windows 7 at all and NO positive help from the company selling them. I'm interested to know if they work?
  11. I'm waiting for the review of the Fanatecs GT3RSv2 Wheel and if possible compared with the G27 once I'm just waiting for your opinions to decide the purchase, and I'll have only until November 10th for the purchase as I'm in Los Angeles and i'll travel back to Brazil on this date.

    Please, if possible don't forget to test the wheels or others on the rFactor SIM!

    Thanks a lot!

    All the best 4 all Race Department Team and members of the community
  12. I would really like to see your review on the Fanatec Gt3 RS V2 wheel ,because im about to order it this week and your review on the Clubsport Pedals was really convincing! I want to see if it is as good as the clubsports in your opinion!