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What Should I do? To easy on Hard, to Hard on Expert[PS3]

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Short_trackkin_52, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I've been kinda lurking in the shadows here for alittle while but I have a question as the title states. I play on PS3 with a standard PlayStation controller. I play with all aids to auto or full besides braking help cause my controller is kinda wore out and old, but still works good but doesn't have the "feel/touch" to ease on the accelerator or brakes cause like I said the triggers are wore out. Also I race on 40% distance and usually short weekends unless its a track I'm not totally familiar with, thats just alittle background as to how I play. Anyways back to my question, I've started my career over about a dozen times trying to find the most satisfaction for my style of challenging but cant seem to get it. I know a couple of other threads either here or the codie forums said that the difficulty balance isn't right which I saw when I first got the game and started on medium I believe and went on to get P1 in qual and win each race before I was like I need more of a challenge then this so I upped it to Legendary/expert with my personal setting above. And it was just to hard to drive any of the lower tiered cars and get a decent finish other then limping home 21st with half a wing and a flat tire. The best finish I had this time around was sixth at Bahrain and I was 1/2 a lap behind Alonso who won and had to fight damn hard for that finishing position. Between the stupid warnings/penalties on most tracks for "Cutting corners"(Bahrain after the chicane section after sector 1 going over the rise towards turn 14 on "turn 13" and I use that term "turn" loosely for that.) I just want to know any advice you guys can give me, maybe going back to hard and turning the most of the driving aids off or lower or what. I like the game buts its becoming frustrating. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Try racing with the "relaxed rules" turned on (instead of full rules). You will still get penalized if you do something really bad (like gain a position after cutting a corner), but in most cases the game won't nit pick you as much with the rules. Plus there is no need to worry about being penalized when an AI car crashes into you.
  3. Ok, where exactly are those settings? I looked every wheres in game. Also I should clear this up alittle bit. I had the AI on Legendary and was running "Expert" settings with the settings I stated in my previous post, but it was to hard for me to even try to attempt anything like I stated. So I switched it to "Hard" settings and ran a race and won with a Lotus by 30secs and not because of pit strategy. I want to be able to run competitively on some tracks and absolute crap on others which is why I went with the Legend/Expert difficulty, but the only good finish I had was Bahrain. So I restarted my season and then went with Legend/Hard and I damn near won every race I ran got to Montreal and quit cause I was already 100 points of second place in the championship. Agian any help is appreciated.
  4. I am playing the PC version (not sure if the menu screens are different) but you select the rules type from the same screen you select the AI opponent's skill level. Just scroll through the various options ... it should be there.
  5. Yeah the menu screens are different, It only allows me to select the difficulty for the AI on main career start up after name, nickname, etc... then only allows me to select the difficulty for driving aids(Easy-all aids on plus 4 flashbacks, Medium-All aids but braking assist 3 flashbacks, Hard- only TC set to medium 2 flashbacks, and Expert- all assist off, no flashbacks). That's what I miss about having a decent up to date computer. Man this just makes me frustrated, Like I said I love the game but it theres just to much of a jump from "Hard" to "Expert" on the race settings. I did try using hard just for practice, qualifying, then switching to Expert for the races but I usually end up on the top during practice and qual 2 seconds ahead of the 2nd place driver. Thanks anyways, If anyone else has any input that would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I think I found what I needed to do. After reluctantly taking of the auto trans I'm now able to pick up around 2 seconds over my previous best times with a Lotus/low tiered car, instead of doing say a 2.01:XXX lap time on primes at Bahrain I can do a 1.59:XXX and feel way more excited to run the game besides online. Thanks for the help MY993C2.