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What settings for these please

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by jimortality, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. jimortality

    Premium Member


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  2. ouvert

    Premium Member

    What do you mean?

    RACE TIME is obvious
    TIME SCALE is how is time scaled
    TRACK USAGE is starting level of ruber on track
    TRACK PROGRESSION is how fast is progression of rubbering the track as you drive on it

    or you are asking what to set?
    That depends what you want .. I start on Medium rubber, and normal progression, race time usualy 25-30 min for a quick race + prctice&qualy, time progression depends on if I wanna have day night transition
  3. jimortality

    Premium Member

    Cheers but I know in stock car, one of these settings caused some stuttering unless I'm getting mixed up lol
  4. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Stuttering came with longer shadows, so you either want to set Shadow quality to Medium or Time progression to 1x with a race start at noon.
  5. jimortality

    Premium Member

    Ok thanks but do I need to do the same for AMS? as time progression has a min of x2
  6. xnorb

    Premium Member

    I don't know if it's fixed by now but "None" will disable time progression and "Normal" means 1 minute in real life is 1 minute in the game
  7. for stuttering issues set time scale to none