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What rally car game should i get for a laptop?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Austin Jordan, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. hey guys. found out i can't use dirt 2 so i'm looking to get a refund and get another rally car game for pc. i might get dirt for xbox but don't know if my xbox is working. so i want to know what game has the best rally car racing for pc. i want a game that doesn't require a new graphic card or i can't use it and good graphics and fun racing. i just want a game that HAS a lot of rally racing. i know rfactor does but don't know how much. not putting a poll because i don't have any clue so just post the game here and i'll decide what i want.
  2. Richard Burns Rally is the pinnacle of rally games, IMHO. But it's a hardcore sim.
  3. yeah i have the demo and having a hard time.
  4. What are your laptop's specs?
  5. Rally Trophy might work - its pretty old. Much more fun than RBR, especially if you like old cars. There should be a demo.
  6. all i know is i got it on christmas of 2008. so basically i can't have something newer than that because they most likly have a different graphic card.
  7. Whats the make and model of the laptop?
  8. i got it on christmas 2008 and it's a hp pavilion.
  9. You can get Colin Mcrae 2005 (I think) for pretty cheap. I know it's about £3-5 in the UK. Shouldn't be too hard on a more recent laptop like yours yet still has excellent semi arcade/sim feel to it :wink: