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What Object Do You Want The Most For Your Track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Biggles1212, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Hi fellow BTB users. :)

    KSLM and I have been discussing making a book for you all.

    After making the tutorial for importing your objects into BTB, I thought I could take it further and use specific models and make a step by step how to from using google sketchup, setting it up and actual model building to getting all the textures right, then importing it into BTB and using it in the game. I've made houses, control towers, bridges, trains, stations, garages, grand stands and a number of banners and fences.

    The trains and tracks, fences and town housing are in sobject formats.

    I've not worked out the lights story exactly but will get to it ASAP. I need help there myself.:question:

    What would you like to learn to do the most? It does not have to necessarily be something I've already done.


  2. My latest track could really use a nice and easy way to make physical garages for each team (2 cars each). I need a way to get them lined up all straight and in a nice long row.

    Using the rotate tool is difficult in BTB because when you select the move tool, the object always rotates a little bit in a direction you don't want.

    That is pretty much it for me besides more grandstand/building options. I honestly don't have the time to create my own objects, but I suppose if I wanted them to be original objects, it might be nice to know in the long run.
  3. Hi Alex, I've found a neat way to build garages using sobjects. basically you build one end of each garage and the middle of each garage, then you use the first end as the start object, the middle and one wall for the middle and the last end as the end sobject part.

    Is that about where you're heading?

  4. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    Use, when roting an object, the x-,y- or z-keys. It locks every other motion. ie. when you want a randomly placed house to face a particular direction use the "y" key combined with the mouse.
  5. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

  6. Ideas for RBR (low poly models) :) :
    - spectator cars, police cars, amublances, rally cars...
    - bushes
    - Textures to put on walls like skid marks, mud marks, leaves to make stages more realistics!
    - Xpack with skies ( 3D object)
  7. @ Alex Ramsey: I've uploaded a quick concept garages for you to test, it can be easily improved, but it's a sobject and I'd like you to try it. Because it's a sobject you can align it to your track and by manipulating the points on the sobject it will change. Nice thing is that it falls on a spline so it gradually changes shape. You can follow any curve but remember if it gets too tight the garages which deform too much. With this sobject just draw as many garages as you like. Please give feed back after you've tested it.

    @ Erwin Greven: Those are certainly most doable in sketchup. The bridge is actually not to hard if you use photomatch in sketchup, but if you only have one photo it will take a bit of imagination to make it 3d.

    @ Gegewrc: I think a lot of the rally tracks lack some "eye candy" and those are great ideas. If we could get people around the world to contribute it would be much more fun. I live in South Africa and we have 11 different climate zones and they all get raced in. One weekend it's just dust, then it's just mud.
  8. @Biggles1212

    I have put the garage into my current wip and after a bit of adjustment, it lined up perfectly.

    I do believe it will work fine in game, but I have not tried as I do not have time.

    Props to you for your work and I may actually use this in my final truck.


  9. sample objects

    There is a sample pic I uploaded in an earlier thread by Biggles, `SketchUp to BTB` http://forum.racedepartment.com/bob...full-tutorial-objects-for-btb-sketchup-2.html..... there are more to come, including the ones he mentions here, for a future xpack.


    (find us on Facebook)
  10. Here are a few goodies KSLM has been working on.

    edit: lost the pic. dunno why
  11. race track official vehicles. tow-trucks,ambulances,cranes,pit scooters:).

    lights need three objects. the post,the lamp and then the all important omni lighting(which requires 3dmax or other)
  12. I want to be able to make a string object that doesn't have shadows where the pieces join. I notice Ennis has this mastered with his pitts and grandstands, but I can't figure it out.
  13. How about a pit crew and garage stuff like hoses, stacks of tyres and tool boxes? (but especially the pit crew, with lollypop man, if possible)
  14. @ ThreeDays: I use rFactor and when I pit, these friendly chaps appear. The pitcrew could be "replaced" as it were, so long as they dissapear later on.
  15. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I could do with the pit buildings at Croft doing :)

    And the start lights (which i`ve made, i just cant get them to work)

    Its these that are putting me off finishing it mainly
  16. some different types of bridges, grandstands and racebuildings like starttowers ...

    Regards Peter
  17. @ Festa and Peter: Thanks, with each answer I get a better idea of whats needed

    My main aim is to get everyone making and contributing. It is possible to get quite a lot off the google 3D warehouse and use, but there are some things that are just specific to a race track that are not really there.

    I'm going to get going on the tuts soon and will cover a range of how to's so that people can build their own stuff. For a while now I've been making my own things and really enjoy it too.
  18. C.T.C.`s overview

    What we would like to do is start making the objects that show up at basically every track that would be made, but in varying forms and textures, for more variey. We could make specific buildings for a particular track, but that would take more time to gather the textures\photos together, hoping we get the demensions spot on. But, if you have a dozen choices for one pit\trackside object, customizing your tracks will be much more fun. All suggestions and ideas are welcome, so we can have more options for everyone in the xpacks.

    Anyone wanting help C.T.C. with this, either building objects, gathering textures, creating graphics or helping organize everything into xpacks should pm me, or biggles. We will be building tracks as well, real world and fantasy, so if you`re interested in that, and are experienced with Photoshop, SketchUp, BTB(
    obviously), SimEd, ISI`s tools and maybe Max8\9 direct us to some of your work. We will be making tracks for the variety of sims BTB supports in the future, but right now we are focused on rFactor.

    You can find us on Facebook right now, http://m.facebook.com/profile.php?rb3634f92&id=53819542495&refid=46 with some photos of tracks we hope to build, many of which are now gone and of historic significance.

    We now have a RD social club page as well- http://forum.racedepartment.com/groups/c-t-c-concept-track-creation.html

  19. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    So far i`ve made some objects for my track, as well as use xpacks froms here.

    Off the top of my head, i`ve made my own 3d armco (bit of a loading killer lol), tire walls, marshall shed, start lights (unfinshed) and safety fence.

    If/when i finish my track, i planned on sharing the xpack with my stuff in if anybody could use them....just not got that far yet :)
  20. Flags of all types.