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What more can we expect in 2016? Is there anything coming or thats it?

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by McM, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. McM


    I only saw that Rift support will come to Dirt Rally. What else? Are there some news about upcoming things or is this the end of Dirt Rally support?
  2. in the last weeks we have seen a dramatic drop off in the participation of the daily online events, about 50%. this tells me dirt rally has peaked and is now in decline. no amount of dlc will bring people back for long. so if i were codemasters, i'd be halfway done with dirt rally 2 or whatever i'd call it and have it out by christmas.
    personally i do not expect any more additions to dirt rally, but my wild guess is we'll see the first teasers for the next title in september.
    i would actually love to see the best tracks of mcrae04, mcrae 2005 and dirt01 put on top the engine running dirt rally. that would be my sentimental idea of a great rallying game :)
  3. I'm new to Dirt Rally (long time RBR enthusiast), but I've quickly been impressed by the basic game. It has a lot of potential for an extended life. The one thing I can imagine that might cause a decline in participation could be the current set of tracks. While the current set of tracks is quite extensive (for me not an issue now since I'm new), I'm sure the release of new tracks across the WRC world would be a huge boost. For example, it would be great to see Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Spain etc. added at some point.
    New track packs (perhaps supported by car packs if necessary) to keep it up to date with the FIA WRC would keep the game alive, even if that means releasing expansion packs at modest prices to cover the development costs (eg. similar to Assetto Corsa, RRE).
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  4. I just bought Dirt Rally a week ago and it already is on it's decline? RBR is now 12 years old and people are still rocking it in comparison to Dirt Rally today... So Dirt Rally being done and dusted sounds strange to me... Did Codemasters already talk anything about a possible Dirt Rally 2?
  5. i don't think one can take rbr as a yardstick, it simply was one of a kind. like warren i would love to see new tracks in new locations, nothing has been said about this so far, instead i interpret the near total silence these last three months as an indication of a follow up title already being worked on.
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  6. Dirt rally IS and always was just dipping the foot in the pool to test the temprature for Codemasters...how big is the real sim V console, how much more cash can we rake in if we change tact. For me Dirt rally was and is still great, I don't expect much more support tbh, maybe a couple of patches and a car or two, I dunno how this was received on console, if it did ok expect a Dirt rally 2 next, but probably dumbed down even more, you cant run a real sim on consoles as well and expect it to make money, the 2 mediums are VASTLY different in ability and user base.
  7. If someone can make new tracks for DR by modding then it will keep it fresh (like RBR). Otherwise the game is finished as it is. It has been around for over a year now (Early Access). The devs have moved on to the next title (with better physics according to DR's Game Chief Designer) and won't be putting any time or effort into what has been a testing ground for them (like WardogZ said).
  8. Interesting, can you link the source please. Thx
  9. fits in nicely with my gut feeling, thx for the info.
  10. http://totalrallystudio.podbean.com/e/episode-1-season-4/
    Interview starts at around 48 min, the hint is at about 59 min into the podcast.
    Even if there wasn't any info or a hint anywhere logical thing would be to move on to the next title developing a brand new game engine in the process. Ego is too old and too limited nowadays.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2016
  11. Tbh I was hoping for a long time that were will be some RX tracks following, but still nothing so far.
    A big disappointment, especially that after the console port they don't care about the customers.
    That early access last year was fantastic but for now they introduce their "old" behaviour.

    Honestly htf they can think 6 Rallyes, 3 RX tracks and one Pikes Peak track is enough ...
    One further DLC with track content would be fantastic and at the same time good solution for the meantime to a new project.

    The most ridiculous thing is the Road Book since April with console release, many words with no content, mercandise things, boring tweets with recaps and further massive advertising ...
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  12. If they concentrate fully on the next title instead of beating a dead horse (as in loosing time and resources on something that was a testing ground anyway) that's fine by me.
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  13. Rodent


    I seem to recall the devs mentioning even back in early access that the engine was dated and that they were reluctant to the idea of DLC when they could do so much more by moving on to the next game/engine if the game turned out to be a success which it seems to be.
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  14. Aaaand we go back to RBR. :thumbsup:
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  15. Arne Dopudja

    Arne Dopudja
    Leader of the infamous Chevy Gang.

    If they fixed the physics, I'd play it again. In its current state, I'm better off with dirt1 and mods...

    If DR2 starts off where DR1 left, I'd gladly pay money.
  16. RBR only became a modding platform because it was the only reasonably realistic rally sim produced in a decade. After it bombed commercially and SCi expired, the modding community spent years figuring out how to mod it and only continued to put in the time and effort because there was not an alternative.

    DR1 is a good start, but the devs are probably right to now go away and develop their engine out to give things like (1) much larger environments (2) deformable track surfaces (3) heavy changes to the aero model. However, in addition to the lack of DLC for DR1, this also means that nobody is going to put time and effort into serious modding of DR1, because DR2's engine will be vastly more interesting for the long term.
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