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What kind of sim-racer are you?

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Msportdan, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. The beauty seeking racer

    2 vote(s)
  2. The casual sim racer

    16 vote(s)
  3. The AI racer

    12 vote(s)
  4. The online only racer

    15 vote(s)
  5. The gadget/peripheral racer

    2 vote(s)
  6. The physics seeking racer

    21 vote(s)
  1. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    On my travels of sim racing on the pc, I've come across many forums and of course racers. Ive come to the conclusion there are different types of sim racers out there, of course theres nothing wrong with that. but it does divide the community somewhat and maybe cause more debates than required.

    Ill try my best to categorise them as i see it.

    The beauty seeking racer - they prefer the visuals of the cars and tracks over any sim aspects, including physics/ffb, AI/MP and modes.

    The physics seeking racer - they play the game that they think is the most realistic in physics, regardless of visuals AI/MP, or any features deemed less important. These guys may just infact hot lap.

    The gadget/peripheral racer - these guys have the ultimate cockpits for their home pcs. Triples screens, motion seats, expensive wheels you name it the lot. Also probably strive for the most realistic physics/ffb or best online sim.

    The online only racer - Don't care about AI, mainly net code and their internet connection and of course the competition. Probably strives for physics/ffb but probably go for the sim with the best MP mode. Most likely has a great setup, but most importantly wants success.

    The casual sim racer - has a good enough wheel, likes racing AI and online, tries all sims. Goes for the fun experience maybe over realism. May not have the time to excel in sim racing. Probably goes for a balance in visuals and physics/ffb.

    The AI racer - Only races offline against AI and requires a offline championship mode, hasn't the time to commit to online. Most likely seeks realism in physics/ffb, but also the AI that is the most authentic, challenging and fun to race with. Most likely has a mid-hi range wheel, but not all the cockpit stuff. Probably spent more time in the AI config files to get the most realistic ai.

    What one are you or best fits?
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  2. jimortality


    You are definitely the beauty seeking type!
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  3. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Don't care one bit about AI and do all my testing and racing online, so "I am an online only racer"
  5. I suppose this one best fits me as you have described it. I love sim racing, but I do like realism too. I also love the whole offline experience, hence RRE is also one of my favourites at the moment along side old classics like GTR2 and Race 07/GTR Evolution and GP4.

    I own all the race sims made PC, from Indianapolis 500 to Assetto Corsa. I have all of them, so I suppose I am a casual Sim racer by your description but I am also a Motorsport fanatic. I follow motorcycle sport the most but also F1. I do motorsport in real life too. I own 2 track bikes and regularly do a trackdays at Cadwell, Snetterton, Donnington, Oulton and Mallory Park race circuits during the season. I also visit the TT every year for a week.

    I have a mid range wheel and pedals (TT500rs and Cockpit/race seat with a 21:9 wide rez 34" monitor as I don't want a 3 monitor setup) as I do like to feel the good physics and FFB of a race sim. I also like good visuals, but the whole package is what really interests me. Good physics, good FFB, good offline and details, pitstops, strategy etc etc.
    I'm not serious enough to let Sim racing dominate every breathing minute because I do work and I do have a family to look after too and more hobbies that take cash.
    I also really enjoy the online racing in the clubs here at Racedepartment as it is the best I think. Good value and good members with clean and fair racing. No rammers or idiots.

    I used to race Iracing but it got to expensive for my casual sim racing approach. But RaceDepartment fits the bill nicely for me. So I race offline and online using GSCE, Race 07, Assetto Corsa, Formula Trucks, RRE and GTR2. I also test Project cars occasionally.

    So it must be casual out of your selection for me I suppose because for me it's all about fun and being a great spare time hobby (amongst others). Great thread idea. :)
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  6. I'm an AI only racer. Back in the day, I'm 51, I raced on Xbox Live a lot. Then the kids took over and ruined it. I then Started gaming with a private more mature club. Got out of games for a very long time. I'm back into racing, but not ready to race online. I don't have the time, or expertise to setup my car, and race competitively. Some of the times I see being laid down are amazing. So I'm truly surprised when my lap times equal, or come close to some of the better racers out there.
    The problem with racing the AI is that they are predictable. Humans often are not. I still have my Logitech Momo, but currently use a G27. Saving for my wedding, so I won't have the triple monitor setup for a while. My PC is powerful enough to run all the sims at mostly max settings, which is great, and helps with immersion. DTM Experience is currently my flava. Driving with all assists off in this game probably isn't considered true simming, but it's a blast to drive. I think I'm in it until I'm too old. I love racing.
    Great poll OP.

  7. Isn't this poll a bit silly. If you could choose you'd have EVERYTHING, but you can't so you choose the sim that best fits your needs.
  8. Hi Steve

    Same young age as me mate. :thumbsup: Get yourself online with the club here. Assetto Corsa, GSCE and probably soon RRE. I also race in the Race 07 club. Like you I don't have the time to do setups and millions of laps of tracktime, but I like to have a go in the clubs. Some of the staff allow us to use low assists in certain racing clubs here so they cater a bit for chaps like us. Others have banned low aids because they say they are not sim like. :rolleyes: But I think RRE will be ideal once they sort out multiplayer on here.

    I can recommend the Assetto Corsa club races because they allow factory TC and ABS in most of the GT type racing. Great fun.:thumbsup:

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  9. Great info Andy. I do intend to trade paint with you guys. Gentlemanly, of course.:thumbsup:
    I have AC and GSCE, so I'll be racing soon.
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  10. Yapci


    Practice mode all the way!:confused:
  11. Yeah, Practice it is.
  12. I'm in it for the pure racing aspect, even to that extent that I could be happy with an arcade racer, just as long as it feels "I'm racing". A sim definately has more potential for that, but the problem is that online racing, well, the guys you're racing drive a zillion more laps than you, don't want to share their setup, and thus you'll be happy if you end up 20 seconds slower each lap. That I don't call racing, so I often stick to AI controlled cars, because they at least have a potential to match newbie level, unlike online racing, which is really useless since 95% of them seem to be doing nothing else in life than racing this game.
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  13. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    @Tony4 You should really try out the club racing online here at rd. It really can be fun and not too much like described. At least the gsce section is pretty great, I haven't tried others yet.
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  14. Dunno, don't feel like any of those fit me like a (Sparco) glove.
    I'd add "The immersive experience seeking sim DRIVER".
    I'm looking for good physics, but not to a point where physics trumps everything else, I want the driving experience to feel convincing and don't care if it's "realistic" by anyone else standards.
    I want graphics and sounds to look convincing, it's not the be all end all of sims but it's an important part of the puzzle, great graphics means nothing if the physics are poor, physics means little to nothing if the game looks like crap (simply because there are options out there with good graphics and passable physics).
    I don't care about AI much, I'm a online racer as far as competitiveness goes, but if the immersion is complete I don't mind spending hours just hotlapping around a great track!
    As far as competitiveness goes, I'm not very competitive, I don't chase aliens, I'll gladly use H-patter shifter for added immersion even if it makes me slower, and I'm fine with finishing among the last people on the grid, I'm there for the experience, the immersion, which is why I put "driver" in all caps, because I see myself as a sim driver more than a sim racer as per Shaun Coles definition.
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  15. All of the above. But yes maybe a new category like Kjell immersion seeking. It should fool me it´s the real deal so I like to think physics is important. Otherwise sound do more then visuals though I am not allergic to eye candy either. I just want it all. I do occasional casual racing in arcade racers too.

    In a lot of games it´s online only others it´s AI. I sure have quite a few peripherals to help with the immersion. so yes all and more.
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  16. Flammenjc

    Nitor Velox Gaming Premium

    I race online only and I search for the best physics [which is why you won't see me on iRacing] but also the best racing netcode [which is why Assetto Corsa isn't ready yet].
  17. Rob Gray

    Rob Gray
    kikz Premium

    Online only racer (iRacing mainly and a bit of AC and GSCE league racing). I want to race real people not AI. There's no fun in beating AI :) I also do value physics (iRacing haters, don't waste your keystrokes ;)) so prefer the three titles mentioned above, over games like codemasters F1 201x series.

    I'm not racing to pretend I'm Sebastian Vettel / Dan Ricciardo. I'm racing to simulate a real racing career - for me.

    I also strive for immersion. Mega sim rig with all the bits, realistic FOV, no aids. even using sequential shifters in cars that have that IRL, rather than the paddle shifters.
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  18. Lazarou


    My main criteria is that I feel like I am driving the car I am using with a combination of physics, graphics, sound which is vitally important to me and having the correct peripheral to implement that. Ultimate lap time at the expense of realism is no good for me. I spend 90% of my driving time trying to learn a car and get the setup something like it should be, I don't race online, but race offline only after getting fully to grips with the car. So I guess from the list I am more physics than anything else.

    This is where I feel Rfactor 2 is king and Assetto feels like I am playing Forza Motorsport but with the correct peripherals.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2015
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  19. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    I'm relatively slow sim driver, compared to other sim driver. I say driver and not racer because I rarely race, the SP AI isn't good enough in ANY sim IMHO (although GSCE is probably the best of them). Also, multiplayer can be incredibly frustrating with bad drivers and people who intentionally cause accidents.

    Another thing is that I find that I can get a lap time down, only to find that some bugger is about 20-30 seconds faster than me. Which is why I've learned to stop comparing myself to the aliens of the sim-racing world and I've recently started comparing my sim lap times to real life.

    Example - A while ago, I shared a video of Jeremy Clarkson doing a 1:41 something in a Honda NSX around Laguna Seca in Gran Turismo. When he done the same thing in real life, he got a 1:57 something. I then got into rFactor 2, went on Laguna Seca in the NSX and got a 1:58 (something or other, after a bit of practice)... The way I see it, I'd rather be slower in a sim and set a plausible time than set a ridiculously fast one. The impression that I got from Jeremy's video is that he built himself up to be an incredibly fast driver beforehand and ended up having a massive fall.

    I like to use this site to compare my sim times with real times, it's quite useful - http://fastestlaps.com/

    I realise I've gone a bit off topic, but I thought I may as well give you an explanation as to why I'm a "physics seeking driver" and not a racer.
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  20. I am a casual beauty seeking on-line only racer that appreciates realistic physics who only resorts to AI racing when there are no MP human racers to be found on-line. I have many gadgets and prefer to emulate/pay tribute to real world series, both modern and historic. I try my hardest to be a polite/respectful racer but I don't get super offended when there is contact unless it is blatantly obvious that it was intentional or a really boneheaded move(overtaking attempt).

    I am a believer that the only way to get faster and become more consistent is to race other humans. Most importantly I enjoy the many friends and acquaintances that I have made in this hobby and hope to enjoy it for many more years.

    We are truly enjoying a fine time in sim racing when we have all of these choices of sim racing equipment and sim racing software. Let's enjoy it boys. See you on the track!