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What is your "strategy"?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Alain Becker, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Alain Becker

    Alain Becker
    Premium Member

    Hello again!

    Sorry for making 3 posts a day but i still got some questions ;-)

    First : I had a crazy race in Monaco right now...

    SKILL : AMATEUR (yes yes I'm learning) ;-)

    GRID : 10

    FINISHED : 10

    In Lap 16 of 20 the SC was deployed (wasn't me!) and i had the chance to get from 12 to my finishing position 10.

    BUT i got a question :

    Q1 i did with Option
    Q2 i also did with Option but landed on the 10 position with LUCK! there was no more space i wasn't able to get more! i did my best!

    So for Q3... i skipped it!
    Because i was thinking : I will not gain any position i will stay on 10 place.
    So save the tires and start from 10 position.

    What is YOUR choice in a situation like that?
    When you KNOW you can't do it better?

    Do you try the Q3 or leave it and start with new tires?

    Was d damn hard race even with the SC (Vettel crashed heavy and that on AMATEUR).
    Good to see that F1 2013 is more "realistic" than 2012 with the SC...
    He was staying right in the middle of the tunnel ...
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  2. Yeah if i know thats my limit for make into Q3 then i will just skip Q3 & save a set of new tires, i dont think there is better option :whistling:
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  3. Alain Becker

    Alain Becker
    Premium Member

    Thank you for your answer :)

    And am I the only who thinks that the AI is more "aggressive" and "realistic" compared to F1 2012. I had the True AI Mod for F1 2012 and now still on Amateur in F1 2013 i really have to FIGHT! driving Sauber i relay have to fight for positions because i think Sauber is "eating" my tires ... so i have to think twice which strategy i choose.... start from 4-6 position with Prime or trying to get Pole or 2 Place with Option but then i have to stop in Lap 3 for new Tires and also they are "VERY HEAVY" to control in the last 3 laps...
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  4. I cant comment about AI atm since myself just start to play & doing 1st season Melbourne practice session driving Marussia, but its confirm by many other players that F1 2013 AI are more aggressive and daring to challenge player for better corner entry, also of cause the first few laps of the race wheel feel heavy because of the heavy fuel load.
    Then i myself a noob about race strategy so nothing much to say bout that :)
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  5. Alain Becker

    Alain Becker
    Premium Member

    Things i noticed :

    Don't accelerate TO fast because also with TC you will spin around ;-)
    The "perfect line" i don't know the word in English i mean the "green line" (when activated) is A LOT MORE effective as in F1 2012... try to accelerate with worn tires out of the "grip line" and you will feel like Ice Skating.
    With good tires it will be fine but try it when your tires are not good anymore ;-)

    Also in F1 2012 on Amateur I've started in Williams and every race : about 2-3 seconds faster then the others...Every time pole and I've won EVERY Race...
    (Amateur ;) )

    Now on Amateur it isn't easy like that...
    Example : Red Bull is DAMN fast...
    Also Mercedes and Ferrari

    I don't know the other Teams but Sauber is eating my Tires...

    You have to think twice how you wanna go to a race weekend ;-)

    Finally : IT IS MORE INTERESTING! and a lot more of fun :)

    What i miss is a "realistic" Damage Model....
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
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  6. Yeah one thing have to agree is that this F1 2013 AI is more aggressive and a little bit faster, I say a little bit because they still not fast enough because veteran player can win pole or at least make into Q3 in Melbourne beating Legend AI driving a slow Marussia :D
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  7. Alain Becker

    Alain Becker
    Premium Member

    Hehe yes that's correct but I'm would say I'm an "advanced" Player...

    Saved my 1 Position in Spain during the last Lap with Hamilton and Vettel DIRECT behind me with so much energy (i was SWEATING!! in front of the PC!)...

    My tires were ABSOLUTELY done... i wasn't able to drive more then 20-60 km/h in Corners but managed to so that they have to stay behind (blocking the track yeeeees i know in RL you will get a penalty for driving S Lines on Track to block the other from overtaking!) and then on the last final meters i sssllouuuuuly accelerated and won with +0,003 seconds :D

    IMPORTANT : This is only in offline Mode!
    When I'm playing online i want clean and fair races so i a case like that i would have both players passed because i wasn't able to stand my position for the last 500 meters without driving S lines like a crazy guy.

    So don't hurt me now :)
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  8. I believe everyone has 100% freedom to how they play the game in offline mode, you can do S line Z line or even use some trainer to gain more speed or slow opponent down or drive backward ... as long as you have fun then just do it, its offline so you only play with yourself, so no one else is harm.
    But of cause dont do all those thing online .. :D
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  9. Alain Becker

    Alain Becker
    Premium Member

    Right :)

    For me as example it is normal that in online races when i make a mistake (using Kerbs and spinning) and pushing someone else out of the track that i will give the position back to him.

    Was my fault.

    I'm driving GoKart in Belgium (Luxembourg hasn't a Leage) and know how to handle with your colleges otherwise you will only gain people who hate you :D
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  10. What i found in this game is that cars with Mercedes engines tend to have more oversteer then the ferrari and renault engines so when coming out of the corners in a mclaren,mercedes,force india etc gradually applying the gas so your car doesnt immediately spin which eats the tire the most.
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