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What is this minimum force for ??

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by LazyBug, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Quite sometime didnt play this game and when i play again i see this "minimum force" is in the game controller menu .. whats this for ?? I using DFGT wheel so should i change the value to something that suit my wheel ??
    Thank you.
  2. would like to know that too,
    it induced just rattling in my GT3 RS wheel

    will include in FAQ after clarification
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  3. Got google abit too but not much help that make me understand whats that for ..
  4. IRobot


    From what I understand, it's to stop the lower end force being absorbed by the wheel giving you a more linear FFB.

    The chart for my wheel shows that there's no wheel movement below 15% FFB strength. So if I set Min Force to 15%, the game will send at least 15% FFB for the lowest forces so I should get more feeling. (You might need to reduce it a bit if you get rattle when stationary).


    This thread has the program and info on how to get the data for your wheel:-

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  5. Yeah i do read that thread before but 1st i not quite understand the theory behind it & to change those % of ffb gain everytime doing different combo sound troublesome to me.

    I wonder what other DFGT wheel user set for their minimum force .. i suppose it should be all the same for the same wheel right ??
  6. IRobot


    DFGT maybe 0% judging by some of the charts in that thread.

    Apparently Fanatec put in the big deadzone for the CSW when they updated the firmware so they wouldn't have as many failures. So firmware and maybe the age of the wheel might give different results.
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  7. I set 0% for my DFGT, but it can be different for your wheel. To get your % you have to run "Min force" test in WheelCheck with "Overall Effects Strength"=100% in Logitech Profiler.
    Min force.png
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  8. Thanks for the info .. lets see what i can get from wheelcheck first. By the way i need to wheelcheck everytime doing a new car or track ??
  9. Ok i just use wheelcheck to check my wheel .. so what now ?? So looks like i need to open those csv file with excel .. i nvr use excel. My pc dont have excel, is there any other easier way :confused:
  10. No, only once for different Logitech Profiler settings, then in-game with FFBClip app for car/track combination.
    For Min force you have to run only "Min force" test like on the picture and then you'll get that value in the bottom of the WheelCheck.
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  11. 5-7% is probably the right amount for a DFGT set to 100% ffb in the logitech profiler, if you can't get a useful number out. I'm not sure if it's actually variation among the production line (something tighter/looser) or just individual preferences.
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  12. Jempy


    Else said, might it replace the sometimes advised setting of 107 % in Logitech profiler in place of 100% for the reason of some empty FFB zone at the center of the wheel ?
    True for most Logitech wheels .

    Then 7% Minimum force in AC should replace the 107% setting in the profiler ?
  13. With the minimum force you can no longer require the 107% on the profile. I set it to 100% and min force to 5. Worked good for my G25. Greather values of min force gave me rattle and vibration.
  14. How exactly do i know if i having a deadzone with my DFGT wheel ?? The so call "some empty FFB zone at the center of the wheel" .. whats this empty ffb zone is ??
  15. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    A deadzone is where there can be controller inputs without anything actually happening. It may vary depending on the car you're driving, so for example, a Fiat 500 will have a larger steering deadzone than the Tatuus Formula Abarth which has very responsive steering. This means that the Fiat 500 steering wheel will have some degree of "play" in it before the car actually turns.

    A Force feedback deadzone is similar, and is often connected with the steering deadzone. When the wheel is in this deadzone, you will have vastly reduced, or non-existent FFB compared to when the steering lock is not in the deadzone. You can also adjust your control settings to allow for more or less deadzone in your wheel and pedals if you feel necessary.

    I hope I explained that well enough :)
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  16. I use the wheelcheck for "Min Force" test and the result vary between 14.5 - 15 .. so i set the game's min force to something like 14 ??
  17. Are you sure about 15%? That's too big dead zone for DFGT. Try to set 100/0/0/0 in Logitech Profiler, run "Min force" and "Step Log 2" tests in WheelCheck, then upload log files log_mforce*.csv and log2*.csv froum \Documents folder.
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  18. My Logitech Profiler already set 100/0/0/0 before doing those test .. believe it or not the result can be 4 / 5 / 14 / 14.5 / 15 & even 17% for min force test.

    How do i upload csv files here anyway ??
  19. Upload somewhere and give a link.
    Or you can rename files to .xls and upload here.
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  20. Ok here is the screenshot for log 2 test & min force (i do 3 min force test and getting 7 / 8.5 / 9.5%) .. very confusing

    And here is the csv files which i rename it to xls .. thanks for the help.

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