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What is the strategy of Reiza Studios?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Patrick Giranthon, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody.
    Many of you have recognized the simulation level of GSC. In terms of physics, FFB and track modelisation it is probably the best sim ever made.
    But I wonder what is the strategy of Reiza. I can't say at this time what will be Rfactor 2. Many aspects shown in videos let think that it will be a nice game. But will it be better than GSC in terms of driving? That is the question...
    GSC has a good point : it is out before RF2. So, now, it needs many circuits and many mods to have the success it deserves.
    Apparently, Reiza studios don't want to give the dsk to modders. Why exactly?
    Nowadays, being able to mod and to create circuits is THE thing needed to have success with a sim.
    What is the position of Reiza with this?
    We can make one or two championship with 10 circuits and one mod but people want more to buy a game...
  2. I can't answer questions for Reiza, but given the quality they achieved they have a unique opportunity to create a long lasting game that leverages the mod community creativity but at the same time polices the quality of the mods.

    In other words, if I were Reiza I would stipulate that every mod built or ported to GSC should follow certain guidelines in term of quality, desirability and gameplay.

    Then I would sell each mod for less than $10, sharing the profits with the modders. This would create a continuous revenue stream for Reiza and high quality for us.

    I think they could also try to circumvent the legal issues related to selling some pf the mods by not actually selling the mod but selling credits in a "downloader" program or, like the Open Source folks do, selling "support". Clearly, I have not thought a lot about this yet, and I doubt I'll invest a lot of time thinking about it, but from my point of view I would rather pay for quality than download crap for free. Reiza has the perfect platform for exploiting this market.
  3. I agree with you.
    At this time the game could be the best sim.

    But it needs mods and tracks.For the other games, there is no quality required and there are good and bad developments. Players make the choice...So, modding would be free. Now it is usual for players. Putting money in the process could kill the game.

    Sometimes I feel that reiza presses the brakes not to enlarge the game to other mods... What is the problem? Is it a question of sponsors who have paid only for a bresilian stock car sim?
    It is terrific, for me, a long time player (1991, microprose grand prix), to see the game not allowing moddings. A friend of mine tell me that he was waiting this game for 15 years. For me, it is 20 years...

    The Lonely, any point of view?
  4. I just wanted to add that whetherit's reiza or someone else, I think there is a market for a high quality, 'open' mod platform where the mods are vetted for quality. Now, it would be great if all this could be had for free, but I think that a reasonable fee could actually improve both quality and quantity of the mods, as well as providing a living for the modders.

    I am certainly appreciative of modders working for free for my entertainment, but I don;t think it's fair. I think modders need at least one outlet where their best work can generate them some income.

    I buy every mod Simbin releases. Not only because I want to drive it, but because it will hep simbin staying in business and provide me with more fun in the future.
  5. I agree with you again. I also bought every add-on of Simbin and the last are good mods. It is important to help the developpers with money.
    I think if GSC would have 5 different cars and 30 tracks, it would be sold ten times more...
    If Reiza doesn't want to make themselves, perhaps it could let modders do it...

    It is only a commentary of a driver who wants to see this wonderful game popularised...
  6. For multiple mods from any to any rfactor is allready a nice plateform.

    For me gsc should always be under reiza control to be sure to stay with a good overall quality (tracks , ai, feeling, overall color/contrast
    , ect...)

    It's why i've buy this game. Quality over quantity. (pure personal choice)

    A new car has been annonced, i hope it's a f3 or something like that. I hope a quickly patch with the bugs discovered :)
  7. Rfactor is a good platform, like gtrevo or gtr2. But these games are like a "toy" for me now. They are flat. Some great mods still have an interest but with gsc it is another dimension. Without more stuff, we have a risk : being 5 on the servers. A hard choice... If the lonely releases all his tracks, it could be a nice thing. But players want Spa, Monza, Nurburgring, etc... Will They buy gsc Without them???
  8. GSC uses rfactor´s gmotor2. Maybe I´m wrong, but a GSC mod would be, practically, identical to rfactor mod.

    GSC is great, but I don´t see a big difference, in terms of simulation, with Formula Armaroli.
  9. The engine is the same, not the code. It is a question of taste. Tracks are really better for me, and the new FFB too...
  10. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    All games based on the Gmotor platform are the same engine / sourcecode. GSC has push to pass and perhaps some titles added their own small things to it, but the basis is the same.

    I'm glad to see people like GSC, but the software is the same as rFactor. The difference is we spent a huge amount of time making scratch made content. So if you like GSC, it is not because its a different game fundamentally, its because our efforts in graphics / sounds / physics appeal to you! That is great, it is what we aimed for! :)

    However, if you would drive rFactor circuits in GSC, they would feel exactly the same as they do in rFactor. There is nothing new about the FFB either, its the hard work we put in to the circuits and physics that makes it feel different. So as far as modding goes, it wouldn't be different driving an addon car / track in GSC than it would be in rFactor.
  11. Thanks for your reply. But will the people who code on rfactor usually be able to make such great tracks Without your help or Without some hints? Apparently, it is not So easy to convert a track...
  12. GSC FFB is fantastic... Niels, is FFB primarily coded into the Track? I know nothing about programming but I guess it would make sense as that is where all the bumps and divets are... doh.