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what is the most realistic racing simulator?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bigboy1112, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    The title says it all really.
    I would like to know what you think is the most realistic racing simulator.
    I'm only 15 so I can't drive a car yet.
    Is there a simulator out there that if I play that a lot(with ffb wheel and pedals) I can drive a car in real life too?
  2. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Motorsport Engineer Premium

    No, not really I'm afraid.
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  3. Simracing and real driving are totally diffrent. Simracing has lesser variables though AI is developing. Though, some good drivers do both - real driving and simracing. Simracers have always looked for best simulation, there is every time something to fix. Gamemakers do their best but simracers themselves do best mods for better playable experience. Why do gamemakers isolate themselves and publish bullshit? This megatrend has conquered too much living space.

    For question about best at rally is still RBR and racing I think GTR Evo or DTM Experience.
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  4. I began sim racing before I learnt to drive and I think that it did help, but anything learnt should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Firstly, sim racing won't teach you anything useful about driving on the road, with other cars. I don't know which country you live in and what the rules for new drivers are there, but this can only be learnt in the real world, with either parents or instructors.

    What sim-racing can be useful for is learning some basic driving skills, particularly with driving a manual. Anyone can drive an automatic car (I've driven go karts since a very young age, just casually, with no teaching whatsoever, and they essentially function like automatics - 2 pedals, no driver-controlled gear box/clutch - if a kid can do it, anyone can), but I think I learnt to drive a real manual smoothly much more quickly than I otherwise would've without sim-racing experience. Simple things like being able to easily find the right gear-gate without looking, and being able to rev-match. I even taught myself to Heel-and-Toe in sims. However, even learning this sort of thing should be taken with a grain of salt, as most sims don't simulate the use of the clutch very well, and most pedals don't simulate the feel of a clutch well either. This was something I also had to learn in a real car.

    There are other possible benefits that I have mixed feelings about. There is a possibility that in an emergency situation, you may maintain better control of the car due to understanding oversteer/understeer/car balance etc. However, the feeling in a sim is very different to the real world, as FFB in a sim is completely different to steering wheel feeling and the feeling 'in your bum' that you get in a real car. So if you have access to some club motorsport, or even casual go karting, that would be better for that sort of thing.

    In case of TL;DR: Sim-racing won't hurt, but it's benefits are very small. It would be silly to learn to drive in a sim, and then expect to get into a real car and be able to drive well instantly.
  5. The real question is this:
    Can you learn how to drive a real car (not road rules, but actual car control) by being really good (i.e. alien good) at a really good racing sim (Assetto Corsa, GSC, etc.)?

    Now that's a good one to answer ;)
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  6. Yes, ask my MX-5.
  7. That's debatable. As I said, I think it helps, but TBH you can learn car control in a go-kart, or by doing some sort of amateur club racing. However these are more expensive than sim racing. I guess it's a sort of you pay for what you get sort of thing. Real world is best but more expensive. Sim racing is good but no substitute from experience in a real car.

    I think when it comes to the day when everyone has full motion sims combined with other methods of simulating g-forces and the "feelings through your bum", then perhaps yes. But for now, it's only an aid, not a complete solution to learning to drive.
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  8. It'll take time to adjust, but contrary to someone clueless, you'll feel understeer/oversteer a lot better and how to deal with it.

    But as far as normal driving is concerned, you don't actually need to know how to drive anyway to "function".
  9. Well yeah, normal driving's relatively easy, especially with all of the modern assists to make life easier like cruise control. The problems with learning to drive are spacial awareness (the first time I drove I almost took out the left hand side wing mirror going into the garage) and knowing the road rules.

    ...and always covering the brake pedal when you see a Peugeot (Top Gear reference :laugh:
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  10. thanks for all the information ;) I agree that the best way to learn is just take lessons, thats why they are there right?
    then next question will be what comes closest to real life?
    I'm thinking of buying assetto corsa.
    I also thought about rfactor 2 but it's a little to expensive for me.
  11. Assetto Corsa is probably the best bet. It's better than everything and it's still early access ;)
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  12. well then I am going to buy assetto corsa, thanks :)
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  13. Indeed, the man is correct. It won't teach you to be courteous on the road, but it gives a pretty real feel regarding how to handle pedals and a steering wheel :)
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  14. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett


    Real road driving and sim racing are two very different things, racing sims are for fun but won't really help you for real world driving. On the site you can check out lots of titles like Race 07 is a great starting sim it's cheap on Steam or for real world driving : http://citycardriving.com/
  15. Neither of those are very realistic :unsure:
  16. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Agree but in his first post says, I'm only 15 so I can't drive a car yet :whistling:

  17. Well, yes, but Assetto Corsa is much better and it's only $34 where I live :)

    And he asked for the best simulator available ;)
  18. What's up bigboy1112 :). Sim-racing helped me massively go from virtual to real world. I really advise to try it. It helped me massively understand just how sensitive and "edgy" seemingly stable and "on rails" cars in real-life transform into, and become, when they are driven close to their limits, with bad technique, or a combination of both.

    I don't want this to become a sim grudge match, this is just based on my personal opinion based on my real life and sim-racing connection, but I personally found the most real life connection and familiarity by using anything based on the ISI engine. ISI stands for Image Space Incorporated, they are the guys who make RFactor. People will tell you it's too icey and hard, but honestly if you are ever going to step into an open wheel car, or race highly tuned purpose built racecars in real life then I personally believe that, although not perfect, that ISI based sims (especially RFactor, RFactor 2 & Game Stock Car 2013) still offer the most dynamic, complex, and uncompromising vehicle dynamics modelling. Again, they aren't perfect, and like every single sim made in history they all have their physics flaws/imperfections, however I believe the sensitivity of the cars and how they respond so dynamically based on tiny little differences in your steering/brake/throttle application inputs is still superior in RFactor based sims.

    If those 3 mentioned sims don't cut it for you then I would advise Netkar Pro or IRacing to you, however not everyone agrees with IRacing's pricing model.

    Having said that, just about all PC sims will give you a good general idea of the techniques involved, and I promise you that all are FUN :)
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  19. Something else I just thought of actually - another benefit of Assetto Corsa is that it has lots of road cars, which is what you'll be learning to drive. Sure, you're unlikely to be learning to drive for real in cars like the ones in AC because they're all high-performance versions but it's still closer than a race car ;)
  20. This.