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What is RDRC?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Roger Snead, May 25, 2012.

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but here goes a newb question.......On the RDRC feed on this site.....what sim is this? I don't understand the format, and how it all works, but is this a sim that I could purchase? Man does it look great. Thanks in advance. :)
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  2. I think you mean the RD Rally Championship?

    It's Richard Burns Rally. A fairly old game (as you might gather from the name), the screenshots are slightly edited :D. Video highlights show it basically as it is.

    It's quite cheap nowadays, I got mine for about 5$ a couple of years ago.

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  3. For $10, RBR is great value for money. Despite it's age, it is still, by far, the best Rally Sim available today.

    RSRBR2012 is a Mod for RBR produced by RallyeSim. It is a free addon (but you need the original RBR) and excellent. It adds a huge amount of new cars, stages, track surfaces, and also allows RBR to run On-line. We (Racedepartment) use RSRBR2012 for all of our On-Line Rallys. We run these Rallys weekly in the Rally Club, as well as running a Rally Championship every third week.

    Have a read through the Richard Burns Rally Forum for more details. We even have a Tutorial to help people install the RSRBR Mod.
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  4. [/quote]Thanks[/URL] Warren, that really helps a lot[/url]![/quote]
  5. Thanks Warren. That helps a whole lot! Sorry for the "double post" :O_o: I am ordering now.
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  6. You shouldn't be disappointed.
    Please note though, RBR is a true Sim of a challenging Motorsport, so it is not easy to learn. The learning curve to drive fast and not wreck the car is fairly steep, but if you like realism and a challenge, and have patience, you will love it. :D
  7. Im a truly impatien person but when I started to play RBR, even though I crashed all the time, I loved it. Didnt care about retirements, I just love rally so much that I was absolutely obssesd with it. So, Zebrawire, get ready to fall in a deep addiction :p
  8. Yea, and I am a pc noob. The install is very intimidating(RSRBR) Hopefully I will be able to at least get RBR base running. It was under $10 including shipping. I have rfactor and NKP, but I don't understand some of it, like editing the files. Will RBR run on W7 64 bit? One site said no. Also Fanatec Elite compatable?
  9. Yes, I have Windows 7 x64.

    Should be fine.
  10. W7 64 should not be a problem, lots of us use it.
    Just be careful to follow the RSRBR2012 Installation Tutorial exactly, especially regarding the location of your install. Don't install the base RBR to the default location of Program Files, or you may have problems with security protections built into W7.

    The Fanatec Wheel should be fine, just make sure that you install the Richard Burns Rally official Patches if you don't use RSRBR2012. Patch 1.02 enables later Controllers.