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What is Race Department's policy on "glitch" setups?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Kevin Amankwah, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. By now most people here should know about the 11/11 setup bug. There is a small discussion about these setups (this thread in particular), and if they should be allowed on RD, over at the race setups forum.

    What I'd like to know if RD has any sort of policy on this, if it's allowed/not allowed?
  2. Surely you can only allow / ban something that can be regulated, and I dont see how anyone's setup can be regulated by RD or anyone else.

    Sure Fraps could record your setup prior to hitting the track, but that is a big ask.
    It's just one of this things and we gotta move on.

    EDIT - ah you mean posting setups with 11/11 - well, that's up to the mods I guess, or the person who choses to use one.
  3. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I'm really hoping that Codies can figure something at the server end (about which I know nothing so forgive me) to make this not possible in multiplayer.
    It reduces game realism by about 70% and satisfaction/immersion by the same in my view.
    There is so much to enjoy in this game but a race where one bloke uses this is like pitting GP2 against F1.
  4. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Lol I never even knew it was bugged... I used 11/11 on F1 2010 as my base setup so it made sense to start there again...I thought I was actually a good driver for a few days then.
  5. This could get interesting. While it does suck for immersion purposes, I don't think this will ruin the multiplayer either way. Either Codies will fix this via a patch or, more likely, nothing will happen and everyone will start using 11/11 setups, leveling the playing field.
  6. @Andrew: Just to be clear, super-car is with 11/11 Spring Stiffness, not wing settings. :)

    On topic, simply knowing about the bug forces you to add more stiffness, I don't race below 8/8 any more since I'm at a disadvantage to other players. Yet I felt like cheating yesterday in RD race with 9/8 setting, since I was much quicker then most of the other players. :(
  7. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    Premium Member

    On top of the 11/11 setup bug is the cut corners bug. It seems Codies list of things to fix gets longer and longer....

    For those who don't know... Multiplayer allowes far too many cut corners without any warning or penalty.

    In the mean time I've taken to teaching myself to use Manual Gears instead of Auto Gears in races and online.
  8. i think the only thing to do is educate as many people about it as possible. so at least it'll be fair online.

    MAYBE Codemasters will fix it, but don't hold your breath.
  9. I just found out about the 11/11 suspention bug and although it did make a difference you can still spin or at least i can lol.
  10. well yea you can definitely still spin, and maybe the snap oversteer is worse than on a looser setting, haven't tested this out yet tho. however according to CM's own tips for setting up your car, 11/11 suspension shouldn't improve your times around silverstone. A more appropriate setting would be something like 6/3. since rear high rear suspension stiffness means low grip and traction, same with high front suspension although that's useful for a strong turn in.

    but at the same time if we were to try to enforce something, what do we do about the tracks where suspension settings should be set this high.
  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Well, I for one won't be using that setting it totally ruins the immersion factor if I'm using something that I know is giving a false advantage. As far as I am concerned no setups based around the 11/11 setting should be allowed into the setup forum.

    Codies have to find a way to fix this it isn't something they can ignore. I love this game and will continue enjoying it but it does baffle me how some of these bugs have been allowed to slip through. What exactly were their testers testing for? These should have been easily identifiable problems.
  12. So Far i am using all the setups from F1 2010 and they work really well very happy:cool:
  13. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Really? I have tried some of the setups from 2010 and have yet to find one that I am comfortable with in 2011. Certainly the wing settings where the front was several steps higher than the rear seem undriveable in the new game (at least for me they are...). It's not a bad thing though as I am more than happy to work them out afresh..
  14. Glad somebody else noticed just how outrageously lenient the game is with cutting corners, I deliberately cut every single corner at Melbourne - INCLUDING accelerating, which always got a penalty in 2010 - and didn't get penalised once. Codies have some biiiiiig bugs to excise.

    I think it's time I started getting used to manual transmission in this year's cars too. ;)
  15. As I've posted in other threads I doubt they will fix this. It's not like you override the suspension existing at 11 11 stiffness and just take it out of the equation, thus providing more grip (which could be some messed up code somewhere that could be patched) but it's more like a constant gradient from 1-1 to 11-11 every step provides more grip no matter what.

    So it's not like you can be mad about people using 11-11 set ups but let people running 10-10 setups slide.

    It's a flawed physics model, one that they worked VERY hard on and was a MAJOR part of this game's advertising. So I don't think that would be A) easy to fix or B) Something that codies would be willing to do.
  16. Why wouldn't they be able to just take it out of the equation? Either they fix the spring setting bug where increasing it every step is not a major increase in grip and they also give drawbacks to increasing it. Or, just make 6/6 springs the max people can set (as their quick setups are all 6/6 I believe. 6/6 might be how Codemasters intended the cars to handle?
  17. well. allowing people to set 6/6 as the max is kinda like the spinal tap amp to 11 bit.

    "i had my amps custom made so that they go to 11" "well why didn't you just make them louder and still turn up to 10" "but mine go to 11"

    It's still a problem in the suspension, if you set your suspension to anything other than 6/6 you're handicapping yourself.

    I say until it's fixed give us an option to allow only default set ups on line, for competitions sake. although this sucks because I always run my brakes with a rear bias to keep my fronts from locking/because I like oversteer into corners.

    that or everyone who competes runs 11-11 suspension and lap times aren't realistic but the racing is tense and fast and nerve wracking like it should be.
  18. The grip that 11/11 or any other high spring setting gives is not how the cars were supposed to handle I think. So it's not just that times aren't realistic...the cars don't drive in a realistic manner either. Not to mention that you can use it in singleplayer as well and totally ruin the competition of the AI. But ofcourse that is up to the player as it is just singleplayer.

    Only allowing default setups is not a good idea, as you mentioned it yourself...people have different preferences...so they should be able to alter the brake bias and whatever else to their liking. As a temporary or even permanent solution they should just remove the spring settings completely. Just like what they did with the ballast distribution that was in F1 2010 but not in F1 2011 (I read somewhere it might have to do with the fact that there apparantly are rules set in place by the FIA where the teams cannot alter the ballast distribution that much anymore?).
  19. I really don't know what CM is going to do, but I wouldn't think it would be too hard to fix the 11/11 bug. Given some of the other bugs that are popping up, I cannot help but wonder if they even tested the product. Some of these should have been apparent from the first couple of laps to anyone testing it (as it was for many of us).

    What they can, and IMHO should do, it wipe the online rankings until 1) the 11/11 is fixed and 2) the ranking system is fixed.

    For online races in the meantime, I think you are just going to have to trust the other drivers which, admittedly will not be easy in a lot of cases (esp. pick up matches with strangers).
  20. And yet you can take some corners at some circuits perfectly legally - in one quite outrageous case, with all four wheels still inside the white lines at Banc de Sabadell (or the corner just before, turn 11) at Catalunya, yet get penalised!