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What is Optimal R&d approch???

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by harsharip, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. I am driver 1 in force india in my sesson 2 I had one choice to make a deciesion to make the R&D stop and let team to get advantage in Australia next year .

    What advantage I get from it???

    What disadvantage I get in my current season???

    Does updates make huge diif in performance???
  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    For some upgrades the performance increase is indeed significant. Go for it :)
  3. Basically you will decide if the team focuses on the design of the next season's car, or continues to work on upgrading your current car. A good question to ask is how competitive you are in the championship and will some more upgrades help you achieve better goals in your current season.
  4. F1 2012 R&D Strategy.jpg

    Does this help you out at all?
  5. Same question for me.
    I had the opportunity to stop R&D, 4th season Mclaren.
    Currently 1st in championship. But I chose to continue R&D. as mercedes and lotus are getting closer to my pace race after race, too risky to stop it.

    For the ones who tried to stop R&D, how good is the car next year in Australia?? Do you feel a big difference?
  6. First of all: are you going to continue in the same team the next season? If not, don't stop R&D. If you have planned to continue in the same team stop R&D and the next season you will have a more competitive car since the start. This is my opinion.
  7. Yes, that's true, I thought about it when I chose. as I want to move.

    But I wondered, let's say you're driving for caterham, and the car is not competitive, if you stop R&D, will you be able to score points and go for podiums the next year, or is it the car just a little better. How big is the performance gain?
  8. The car will be a bit better, but for Caterham... it's difficult to say something about that. Caterham is one of the worst cars so even with a better performance it will be difficult to reach good results, in normal conditions...

    I don't know how big will be the performance gain. Think about that other teams could do the same and stop R&D thinking on the nest season...

    In a season you are improving your car race by race, but the other teams are improving their cars too. There is a lot of variability in the game. Finally, with Caterham, with improvements or not it will be impossible to battle for the championship, as I said before, in normal conditions...
  9. thanks for your answer.

    I think I'll try to test the different R&D approaches as soon as I finish my current carreer. It must be very challenging to start a career with a bad car, and stay the 5 years with the same one, trying to improve it and eventually achieve good results.