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What is it for...the .ini files ?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by mcwood, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Hi~ all members.

    I think this RD is the most famous forum for SimBins' Simracing.

    Today, I have a question about some files in steam's folder.
    there are many files in it...every files are encoded.
    so, i can't have any clue about each file.
    actually i don't need to know about it.

    however, some files are...like .ini type are interesting.
    these files are also encoded in TEAM's folder.

    I think, (in TEAM's folder)
    TYR is for Tyre grip something.
    HDC is....I don't know.
    ENG is for engine specification.
    GRD is....I don't know.
    CAR is....I don't know.
    and so on......(how many .ini type files there?)

    Could anybody explain about this .ini(?) type files' work in TEAM's folder?

    Thank you ahead.
  2. TYR = Tires
    HDC = High Detail Car Parameter
    ENG = Engine
    CAR = Controls the liveries
    GRB = Gearing
    INI = Controls the instances for Community Skins
    DMG = Damage
    SP = Suspension
    CAM = Camera
    INCAR = All the cars generic data. (Make, Motec/Analog Screens, Coordinates etc.)
  3. Yeh~!! thanks.

    however....how could you know that full names of the files?
    are you working at Simbin? or there's manual something just for it?
  4. I've released something like 50+ mods for gmotor games. You start to learn on your own after awhile :)