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What if there is no FIA GT content in GTR3?

Discussion in 'GTR 3' started by Bram, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    The previous GTR games were always based on real FIA GT seasons (2003 & 2004). With SHIFT 2 already having licensed FIA GT1 content from the 2010 season and the current real FIA GT1 season being a bit of joke content wise I don't know anymore what to expect in the game.

    If there is no world championship licensed content availabe what series would you like to have in the game?
  2. DON'T SAY THAT!!!

    I guess I'd like the V8 Australian series. They also go to Dubai and China too, I think, so there's variety. All sorts of obscure tracks I've only played in the Codemasters games. It would be nice to have a proper complete V8 season.

    I'll also push for DTM and ALMS/LMS, powerful cars on great racetracks.

    A few one-make series would be cool too, like a 997 Cup or whatever exists now.
    If you want great V8 racing, try FVRFactor's mod for the rfactor and the RACE Series, plus if you sign up at their site, they have many WIP Aussie tracks and they're great quality

    I agree with LeMans, that would be great :)
  4. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    V8 Supercars is too restrictive of just racing in Australia, I'm 80-95% sure there will be some element of GT racing in it, especially after SImbin's most recent video where you saw Maserati MC12's and Corvette's.
  5. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    v8 utes, they look a blast

    karting , LMS, open wheelers, trophy andros( + the eletric ones), And if you think about hill climbs, they have every car you can think off + some very special tracks , Maybe theyve looked at the best mods for thr race series and gone from there...
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Was just thinking out loud :)

    I would like to see ALMS/LMS or the newly announced fia/aco world endurance championship, ADAC Gt, or British GT. Thats enough :)
  7. Bram, I was thinking about the same thing. GT1 already licensed by NFS, and the real life series itself is also losing popularity. Last years rule chenges looked promising, but Maserati already pulled out, and there is still no proper TV coverage, only a web player on their site with 10-15 fps. After a few races a stopped watching the series last year. So it would be hard to sell a game based on an unpopular championship. I bet a lot of teens (future simracers :)) don't even know if this series exists.
    When GTR3 was announced I was sure that it will be about GT1/GT3. Now I'm not. I was thinking about the possible other series that could come into view. V8 is only popular in Australia, DTM only in Germany, all the formula series living in the shadow of F1. So my conclusion is that it will be possibly the LMS/ALMS series. I would be very happy with this. Huge variety in cars, legendary tracks etc. And my imagination just kept going: a RETRO addon for LMS!!! You know what I'm thinking :cool: (Porsche 917, Ferrari 512, Lola T70, Matra-Simca... etc :wink:)
  8. The only touring car series I would really like to see is BTCC
    but GTR has nothing to do with that so I would already be very happy if there was a Porsche(/ferari)-cup in it.
    although due to licensing issues I have no high hopes for it...
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  9. I personally like the new GT1 series (although not really endurance anymore). Another good series is the Blancpain Endurance Series which uses GT3 and GT4 cars and includes the 24 hours of Spa, although it is not very well known and so I don't think this is going to get put in the game. I believe Simbin should stick to endurance racing which is what made GTR and GTR2 so great, so I agree that the LMS and ALMS should be included, with the 24 hour of Le Mans
  10. Douglas Aird

    Douglas Aird

    GTR3 - must be GT cars surely!

    I wouldn't have a problem in they have their own "fantasy" series and fit the best of the real-life series cars and tracks into it. Perhaps with an easier to understand classification system. :)
  11. They could use the Spa 24hours as a base for content as they used that in GTR1/2!!! That would include all necessary cars for various GT series and then licenced circuits in addition:good:.
  12. If that would be the case that would be awesome!!
  13. It would make sense. LeMans is commercially bigger and would more likely sell it's licence to a big publisher, but Spa 24hrs would be more enthusiastic about being in any game. Also they've been in Simbins early projects GTR1/2 and it would allow Simbin to model all of the current GT equipment. It would certainly be Simbin going back to their roots as they said when announcing GTR3 (or whatever it gets called).

    I know I'd be jumping for joy if this was part of GTR3:good:.
  14. By what I have been reading about the team making this I don't think I will get it. Any one thinking this will be like GTR2 can forget it all the GTR2 guys but 1 have left. And after getting the retro addon the other day it really does not look good. After converting the cars to GTR2 its awesome.

    Simbin are going down more and more

    They should go the other way and make a platform like ISI have with rF or do a new GT Legends and get shout of steam its utter rubbish and always will be
  15. One thing is GTR3 must be available on Disc. I don't mind buying addons to download, but a full game must come with a shinny disc and case!!!!
  16. i for one have more or less given up hope of ever seeing either this product or rfactor2 ever reach a shelf in any store around the world, nor a download server. it seems that modelling surroundings for next gen engines is prohibitively expensive, look at the short (but beautiful !!!!!) tracks in DIRT3, it's basically just 10km of any given location put together in x different ways to make it look like it's 60 or 80 km of track. but if isi and simbin do not aim for next-gen graphics, the projects seem to have no commercial viability. i see both camps folding this autumn, which breaks my heart already.
  17. Dutch GT4
  18. Some ideas would be the DTM, Super GT, ATCC and the British GT Championships.
  19. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Im not to worried about what cars/ classes we will be racing in. Its all about the ways the cars handle and good ffb, with options to make it feel good for everybody.

    I was watching a gt4 race at spa on motors and alot of the cars had abs as standard and it is allowed in that class and i think the Audis have awd and tcs.

    Would/should RD allow the aids for these races (hypothetical question)

    Looking at the recent DLC from simbin, i think were going to get a basic game and loads of dlc(show me the money!!).And in 2 years time weve got everything we had before but all under there latest version of the LiZard engine...