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What I would love to see in multiplayer

Discussion in 'KartKraft' started by Rapala, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Rapala


    Something similar to IRacing's highly successful model. So this would entail:

    -Scheduled regular races on a few official servers
    - a rating system, so you actually lose points if you do badly. This encourages people to finish races even if they're near the back, + it's fun trying get that rating higher than the next guy.
    - ingame stats where you can see a rating leaderboard as well as your own race stats
    - safety rating probably not feasible since it requires support staff to handle protests, but perhaps some kind of system that if you keep coming at the back, you have to prove your worth by winning some offline races with specific settings. I'm sure some good ideas could be thought of to reduce the number of wreckers without an extensive support service. (minorating on AC has done a great job with this)
  2. xnorb


    That's what i wish every single racing sim to have.
    Problem with that: you need lots of active racers for this to work out.

    The thing about iRacing is that it isn't a racing sim but rather a racing RPG with extremely pricey DLCs - and everything works in favor of making iRacing what it is.

    But ya, you need to start somewhere and just hope that all the effort isn't lost and players just give it a go and participate.
  3. KK-Alpha

    Black Delta

    Great suggestions Rapala. We love hearing constructive suggestions and they always get passed on to the development team for consideration.

    Which statistics you would most want to see in-game for yourself? And on leaderboards?
  4. Rapala


    Well, I'm going to blatantly plagiarise IRacing here as it works so well, so:
    Starts,Wins, Top 5, Poles, Avg start, Avg finish, total laps, laps led, Win %, Top5 %.

    Obviously this is just for online.

    A Leaderboard for best times would be nice too.
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