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What have you modified in Ride2? [VIDEOS/PICTURES]

Discussion in 'RIDE 2' started by KennyBarroz, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Hello everybody!
    I know alot of people enjoy the game as it is, but for me and many others, the game feels unfinished and needs to be tweaked for an ultimate experiance!

    I thought we all could share our modifications with eachothers! Maybe we can learn from eachother to!

    Ill start by showing of my crazy mods (more to come)

    YZF1000cc Supermoto

    Mega BACKFLIP at Monza From VR46

    Rs250 tuned to make 110hp@22.000 RPM

    Please share your mods!
  2. Could you please share how to do this? :D
  3. Can you tell me the .dds locations for the bike skins? I can make up some good skins if i could find them! any help would be great. I don't need to know how to do it, just locations! thanks!!

    BTW Great mods! first one is so funny! so fast! haha
  4. EDIT: I found the bike .dds, but now i need to know how to find the bike I want... i guess i have to just search every folder!!
  5. You know how he did it juetat2? Its cool i really want to try :)
  6. no i don't know, but i've now successfully made a skin!
  7. ReZ


  8. Dont **** around with Physics....
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  10. How did you do that kenny? :D
  11. changed some numbers on the bikes physics folder, also made a special 250cc cup category, so whenever you chose a 250cc, you compete against any 250cc regardless the PP
  12. Are you able to point me to the file at all? Thanks
  13. Hey Kenny, I notice you have removed the numbers from the bikes. The number always ruins a good skin.. how do i do that.. wheres the file? THANK YOU!!

    EDIT= Figured it out now!

    Oh and heres some mods Ive done, just so we don't go off topic! chicano.jpg chicano1.jpg chicano3.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2016
  14. ReZ


    i couldn't find a smaller track :D

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  15. hehehehe!
  16. Kenny it would be nice if you released some of those mods :)
  17. Man i wish mugello was a stock track in Ride2, how did you do the head movement, turns a lot further?
  18. ReZ