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What happens with my game?

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by BoyGTA, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I just got racer 0.8.8 and some new addons and cg tracks. (small city 2009..etc)

    Dunno what happens but I'm not able to play.. check this pics.. any ideas?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    PC Specs:

    4GB RAM@800mhz
    GTX260 216sp with latest drivers

    Here is QLOG:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I solve that by just closing the game and then starting it again!
  3. The problem is that I can't almost play.. with these ****ty graphics.
  4. Hi, BoyGTA,

    this happens when you change a car in the menu and go to free driving after that. Just select your car, your track an then quit the game. after restarting go to free driving directly...this works for me (I have Racer In quick race you can select your car, the track and your opponent mostly without this probems. On my machine they occur only in combination with "select a car" and "free driving"...sorry for my bad english...

    Hope this helps
  5. Hi. Your cars are chucking out a lot of Qlog errors but the fault looks like Racer can't find 'bloom_vign2_f.cg' in the LDR folder, because there isn't a version of that shader for LDR.

    Either run config.exe in the main Racer folder (you can safely set everything to high with your computer I'd imagine), otherwise you could open racer.ini and find the line 'hdr=0' and set it to 1.

    That should get you started, if it doesn't fix it, you might be better to just reinstall Racer and start again.
  6. I have that issue too. Some of us like HDR off and think it looks terrible, thanks. :p hehe
    On a side note, using raven gets you into the habit of avoiding this issue because you are forced to quit to change anything. hah. Though the downside to raven is just that, you quit to change things and that is lame.
  7. Did you try the Lambo on carlswood? These are the car/track that comes with racer and should work with racer as downloaded.

    The car/track you are using is probably causing the problem with the settings you are using in racer.ini.