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What happens in dropped by Virgin? anyone know?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Daniel Higgins, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. as the title suggests, there the lowest performance team so how can I go down anymore? Oh and btw the team hate me already :p

  2. you have to join Anthony Davidson giving advice to codies on how to make F1 2011 :)
  3. i have won races with virgin...
  4. Xbox version? (from what I gather the console versions are harder/more realistic)
    All aids turned off
    Expert mode

    anyway going off topic.

    BTW now im practicing more im getting slightly higher up so they may not fire me anyway but still nice to know what happens
  5. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith
    Always running at 107% Premium

    I'll find out later, if it wasnt for my 2nd place in the heavy rain at Spa, I'd be dead last in the championship I'm in lol :) I think you'll just get resigned though as I think it'd be hard to get to rank 4 on your reputation after an entire season.
  6. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith
    Always running at 107% Premium

    Ah its ok, Virgin dropped me and I was offered Lotus and HRT. I think you'll just swim around between those three!
  7. Great thanks :)
  8. I believe the lowest team would never drop you or you would just be offered contract by the other 2 new teams.
  9. oh doesnt matter now, save corrupt have to start all season again :mad: not happy, I was forgiving all of the games bugs before this. Backing up save after every race now.
  10. guys, i am doing very well on the Virgin team.. first 5 races, all first places... even at qualifications pole positions each.. My team mate Lucas is slow, so i am second in constructor championship as he always comes in last.. i am doing with 50% race distance and short weekend, on expert... Only spain did bad for me with 5th place in qualifications, but i thinks it's because of the setups.. I am going to download a setup from here and try it out, so i'll post it here..
    My question is, is there any chance of me going into a stronger team like red bull or smthng?
  11. maybe backmarker brigade will sign u up simon :D
  12. Join Damon Hill in driving Gumball races along with other hasbeen's...:tongue:
  13. I don't get how can people come first with Lotuses, Virgins etc. The performance just isn't there. When I'm running close to the first places, because I use a long first stint with the hard tyre and then make a pitstop late and use the option, the Ferraris and Red Bulls are so much faster. I can only hold them back for a couple of laps but they'll eventually go through.
    I've held the first place shortly when everyone was pitting in front of me but then when I pitted I came out 7th and then lost places to these very fast cars. Someone make a video cos I really am dying to see your godly driving skills.
  14. yeah i have the same problem pitstops are my weakness either pit in too late or when i pit in everyone else does and then i have to wait for them all to leave and come out 24 my lotus is just not up to scratch ha but what can you do keep fighting on
  15. Damon hill, the world champion F1 driver who pulled a 30second lead over the rest of the pack in an arrows, is like putting red bulls to shame in a virgin. come on, is every world champion F1 driver that retires a has been? Cant be compared to a driver being dropped from his team in his rookie year.

    On topic, if you won the first 5 races you should probably increase the AI difficulty, turn on fuel/tyre sim, unless you enjoy the lack of challenge ^^.