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What happened to Eddie Jordan @ BBC F1?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Bram, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Where did Eddie go? Isn't he part of the BBC F1 team anymore this year?
  2. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Motorsport Engineer Premium

    Hopefully not
  3. He'll be back for Spain.
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  4. Love him...

  5. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    What I wanted to ask is what were they thinking when they sacked Gary Anderson. In my view he was the F1 / BBC find of the last decade.
    His incredible knowledge as a Race winning F1 car designer and his ability to explain in laymeans terms were superb.

    No offence to the rest of the team but with DC you have a drivers view, with Suzie the pretty talking head (news presenter) style.
    Its too much of a sameness without Gary. It seems that they are all queuing up to say the same things now. Gary was insightful-different.
    I miss him.
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  6. I do too....

    Clever man.

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  7. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Motorsport Engineer Premium

    Instead we have a pretentious Irishman who likes to pick arguments with DC.
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  8. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    I like him but the pre race poetry is a bit boring one and...saying things he doesn't believe...just to provoke a reaction(Eddie Jordan )
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  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Like him as well. For non-native Brits Gary Anderson is hard to follow :)
  10. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Eddie Jordan should be dropped from the BBC completely as his credibility is zero in my opinion. His continual sycophantic praise of Bernie Ecclestone is embarrassing to watch.

    I have vague memories of an interview he did with Ecclestone a few years back (i think it was in a motor home at one of the GP`s) after which he referred to Bernie as a genius for his ability to get everyone round the table and agree. It was brown nosing on a monumental level and Eddie just couldn't put enough emphasis on how amazing Bernie was . Back then however we were of course unaware that Bernie had slipped a cheeky 10 million into Eddies private bank account to get him to sign the concorde agreement.

    Credibility Gone!

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2014
  11. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Isn't it good for the fans to have a 'Bernie insider' on TV?

    Sure he's annoying, but he gets info out of people that no one else can manage to.
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  12. Eddie Jordan is a fantastic presenter. He gives brilliant insights and overall livens up the coverage by bringing a new perspective to situations, as both an expert and former team boss. He predicted Hamilton leaving Mercedes and gave an almost perfect prediction of this seasons driver line ups. He is invaluable to BBC and if he were to leave well then it would simply not be the same.
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  13. Regarding the position of the current BBC F1 team, DC is superb and Allan McNish is just as good. He is well spoken and although not as up to the mark of Gary Anderson (why did they drop him?) they still have Mark Webber doing some items every now and then. Their one pitfall is Suzie. She commonly has a slip of the tongue (not as bad as Crofty, mind you) and I sometimes struggle to work out whether she actually enjoys F1 or has simply done her research. Nonetheless, many of her interviews can be quite awkward. DC as a standalone presenter would be ideal for me. In fact, if I were to name my perfect presenters:

    * Brundle, Jake Humphrey, DC and Eddie Jordan
    Commentators: Ben Edwards and Brundle- How I dream of those two commentating.
    Technical: Bruno Senna, Anthony Davidson is brilliant, Gary Anderson and maybe a bit of DC.
  14. Joel


    I hope I meet Eddie in Hockenheim. Gonna punch him in the face for giving me a horrible car in Steve's GP4 Career game :p

    Not really :D
  15. Haha
  16. BBC presenting has gone downhill big time... they have to sack good people you know to save more money for the big wigs at the beeb for their million pound bonuses :poop::cry:

    seriously, no idea what they we#re thinking sacking Gary, he was the only person who made sense out of all of it, i like DC as he gives a drivers point of view, but meh it's the same old stuff from him .... you have ben edwards who shouts down the mike... LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO!!! every single GP the same line, fed up of it already and the way he butts in too.

    Eddie, Jake & Gary we're the best... and i actually like the new addition of Allan joining the team, can't always understand him but he's a great fresh addition... and that sexy lady Suzie (only for the eye candy tho :p )