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PC What features do you want to see in AC?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Requiem84, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. We know that many features won't be available in V1.0 of AC.

    I'd like to know what features simracers want most. Give your top 5 of features that you desperately want to have in AC, and explain us why.

    I'll kick it off;

    In random order;

    - dynamic weather
    This made league racing in GTR so awesome. If you'd see the clouds coming you were already anxiously thinking about your strategy

    - some form of 'iRating'. Call it 'Assetto Punto's'. Implement this in AC, and it will guarantee much more online activity. People are simple beings. They need rewards to do things. It gives a good feeling if you finish high in a strong field and then get rewarded with many 'AP's. It keeps the sim alive and busy! Desperately needed!

    If it's done by a modding team, perhaps we can do it better than iRacing does (i.e. rating per car).

    - Sharing setups; essential for pickup racing as well. If your driving with friends online, it's convenient to share setups straightaway while practicing, or also helping other drivers you meet online.

    - Mechanical damage based on driver input. Be hard on your gears or brakes, and you'll suffer some damage. For example, missing a gear or brake fading. Too much curb hopping and you could damage your suspension. Adds an element to races.

    - Tire wear based on driving style. Makes racing much more tactical.

    I'm curious to know what other people deem important.
  2. Apart from obvious things like great physics, awesome tire model etc i would like,

    Track evolution
    Day/Night transition
    Dynamic weather
    Mechanical and visual wear
    Driver swaps
    Ability to do 24 hour races

    Bad Modder FACA

    What about bike physics? In fact I don't really like bike so much and never drove, but I really want AC's asphalt for everyone, something generous.
    AC have already done half of the physics for this, as gearbox, engine, tire, then, there is quite pretty italian bike on the market and an awesome new hardware for bike simulator.

    It may open the game to a larger comunity than any feature, like Ferrari licence did :)
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  4. hmm... Let me see, gonna think of stuff others aren't really thinking about: :p
    • NO GAMEPAD FILTER: In pCARS there is an option called gamepad filter, with this crap turned on, it filters the quick movement of the analog stick to make it more smooth looking, but the result is that you get an enormous lag between the input and the actual movement of the car, I ask this to be non existent in AC because when I tried Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, I noticed the game had the obvious gamepad filter lag going on but no option to turn it off, and as such it's impossible to drive in it with a gamepad.
    • Mechanical and visual tuning for mods: I don't really mind AC's cars being stock only and with minimal setup, but I'd really like for AC to allow modders to add cars with variable mechanical/visual tuning setups so players can customize them to the way they think will be better.
    • MP3 Player: Funny thing to suggest, it's just that playing good music while racing feels nice. :D Mind you, I'm not asking for actual licensed music or anything, just the ability to put your own mp3 files in the game.
    • Advanced Drift Game Mode: Something like an actual race mode but with drifting involved, like, it would have the same setup of the drift mode shown at gamescom, you gain points as you drift along, except in this version you do it with other players on track, the one who gets more points by the end of the race wins, or something. hehe :D
    • "Traffic"/Overtake Game Mode: Well, not actual traffic, more like an unlimited amount of cars to overtake, by unlimited I mean the same cars repeating themselves over and over again as you overtake them, could be like the drift mode, your score is determined by how many cars you can *cleanly*(no touching or going off track) overtake by the end of the race. :)
    • Possibility to choose each and every AI car you want to be in the race and their setup: Example, I'd like to be able to make uneven races, like an Abarth 500 against 20 Zondas R, or some heavy truck(hypothetical mod:p) against several small fragile Abarth 500's. :roflmao:
    This is all I could think as of now, some of those suggestions could clearly be done by modders though, or at least I think so. Maybe I should learn whatever language they use in the game so I could make these myself. :D lol
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  5. Day\Night transition with variable weather

    Ability to easily share setups

    Ability to set up races by time instead of laps; i.e. 30 minute duration instead of 20 laps

    A laser scanned Nurburgring


    Online stability and netcode as good as iRacing or better

    Some of these may be in first release, some may come later or never at all but thats my wish list anyway. Oh yeah, one more, please let the Power and glory mod be compatible at some point...those cars with even better physics and AC graphics :D
    This is a must!!! :thumbsup:

    Fantasy track based real life street. It would be perfect for night race. Just like the iconic High Speed Ring - Gran Turismo. Not to mention the possibility for Touge at Akina. :cry:

    More vehicle in same class. 3-5 car model should be fun race for first release. Perhaps GT3 based championship. We already have Ferrari 458 and BMW Z4. The good news is there are lot of car which possible as competitive opponent. Pick 2 - 5 from this list, all sim racer would forget their last name. :p

    Nissan GT-R
    Aston Martin DBRS9
    Lamborghini Gallardo
    Lexus LFA
    Honda HSV
    Audi R8
    Chevrolet Camaro
    Ford GT
    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
    Porsche 911

    When we already have good car list for championship, let the modding community fix the rest.

    About Mp3 player, it's already solved with free player out there. Just turn on Your foobar or winamp. It's relatively small program and won't hit performance.

    Bad Modder FACA

    But if mp3 player is al ready a part of the game, I can set the player info to the virtual radio on the cockpit of my "mod" addon car, wich is a nice feature imo :)
  7. Damn....hard to argue with these suggestions. Great list guys ;)
  8. There are quite a few things I have on my wishlist, although one has to mention the guys at Kunos Simulazioni do a great job and deserve any thanks. Sometimes wishlists seem so picky ;P , and I normally do not post them. In this case I have the strong feeling AC will become a real heavy weight of the genre and improving it here and there will make it a classic.

    1. Pitstops

    I grew up with UbiSofts F1 Racing Simulation and even by then they had a pitcrew.
    Adds a lot to the atmosphere as its always nice to come "home".
    As Kunos are based at a racetack there should be a way to realize this.
    Motioncapture would be cool but not a must.
    I think of something like this ;-)

    2. Weather

    Was already there in NetKar Pro, although not dynamic as I remember.
    It was already pointed out earlier, why this would be very cool.

    3. Damage and wear

    Also mentioned already. Losing your frontwing for beeing to brisk makes you think twice.
    Returning to your pitcrew to give you a new one - nice :).

    4. Dynamic trackconditions

    I guess Rf2 started something, that can't be ignored in the future. Evolving track during the race
    seems like the most natural thing. Guess this will go hand in hand with the weather.

    5. Raising my arm ;-)

    As in GPL, I'm willing to party with my fans and crew after a won race.
  9. If there is ever an oval (nascar) mod can we have the driver give the one finger salute?
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  10. Mapu

    Premium Member

    Porsche. RUF is not an option!:rolleyes:

    Everything else has been mentioned and hopefully some features find their way into Assetto Corsa.:)
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  11. Rain
    TKS :inlove:
  12. Well you will have to wait for modders to do it because EA certainly won't allow Kunos to have the Porsche license, at all.

    Now some more suggestions: :)
    • Wet Road: I'm always using pCARS as a reference for stuff I want or don't want in AC, mostly because it's the only sim I'm playing at the moment, so bare with me. :p In pCARS the wet surfaces are perfect high resolution mirrors of the environment, and as such, they make my framerate drop to a whole lot of 3fps.:confused: So I'd like the wet surfaces in AC to be somewhat like this: [​IMG]That GT5 pic looks realistically wet, yet the water reflections are very blurry and low resolution, it's probably not even real time, just a mix of specular maps and cube maps, and certainly a lot lighter than high resolution real time reflections.
    • Snow: This may not make sense in racetrack environment, but as usual I'm thinking about the modding side of things, like, Rally mods. ;)
    • Possibility to Create Custom GPs: Something like this, you create a list of races, each one with their specific date and conditions to win the races, maybe with random weather conditions, and you can setup which AI drivers will be part of the GP, this could be an interesting option for online racing too.
    • Duel Tournament: I just thought this up while writing about the Custom GPs thing, it would have the same setup as the GP, except the races would be divided in a pyramid of duel races, like 8>4>2>1 winner, this would work great for smaller scale races like drift battles. :cool:
    • Custom Camera Views: This probably is already a part of the game, but I'll mention it anyway, I'd like to be able to place the ingame cameras in any position I want to race with, I ask this because I almost always hate the default camera positions in racing games, wishing I could change them.
    • Laser Scanned Nordschleife: Do I need to say anything more? :D Well, I want a laser scanned Nordschliefe as a following DLC because this is one of the things that no modder can possibly do on their own.
  13. +1 for this feature, as a motorcycle enthusiast, ill be really interested by some modding on a motorcycle physics engine on AC.
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  14. Problem is, specific realistic bike physics would take a long time to be made, because various parts of the physics engine would need to be rewritten to allow bike movements to happen in the game, and I doubt Kunos even would want to do a half-assed attempt at it. However, depending on the modding possibilities, one could try faking the movements while still using the car physics, depends on how many liberties we will have with the vehicle animations and setup.
  15. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    That will be almost impossible i think...unless you have a rig setup that influence the game in every way like lean left/right wheely or front stop/rear up move( dont know the name)and send the data to the game and receive the feedback from the game and the rig does the move and fast....IF it is possible,than i really dont see many aford such rig to play that game/SIM
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  16. CCX

    AC Physics: Mini | Koenigsegg One:1

    Maybe we will be able to have games which can simulate (accurately, not like PGR or TDU) car and bike physics together in the future, but that is a long way off. It'd be a dream come true though if we could have that in a sim one day.
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  17. I hope they will focus on the core features that make a great simulator:
    - more iconic cars accurately modelised for a diversified driving experience
    - more iconic tracks laserscanned
    - a maintenance of the physics engine, in case they can overcome some of its current limitations (Stefano was mentionning some experiments with the tyre model on Twitter a while ago... if I am not wrong)
    - a maintenance of the AI (vast topic...)

    Regarding new features, a spotter functionality could bring some life to the races.
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  18. Mapu

    Premium Member

    I can accept mods wholeheartedly when they're quality-made.

    Well I know, but one should never lose hope. Maybe Kunos can negotiate a (sub-)contract.:rolleyes:

    Oh beware, the last bit of this message, like the message before contains a slightly bit of irony.;)
  19. 2CV SUPER GT

    Bad Modder FACA

    I always remenber about one thing said in the developement tool video, translated here at RaceDepartement :

    I think most of the game structure is thinked to be upgraded.
    So, I hope the best from AC :)
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