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What features are must haves from SimBin's previous titles?

Discussion in 'GTR 3' started by Günthar Rowe, Nov 5, 2010.

    1. LAN Mode
    2. Full Functioning lights (as per GTR2)
    3. Rain (not that I expect this to be missing, but it's not in all games, or poorly done)
    4. High quality car physics, but also aids and other modes to entice a larger market and therefore increase total number of drivers
    5. Long (6,12,24 hour) race lengths with dynamic lighting etc
    6. Not by SimBin, but I think could be easily added, would be MoTeC-Add type data on screen
  1. Mine: (some from Gunthar's List)

    1. Dynamic lighting/24 hr clock with headlights
    2. Story/Career Mode (like in GTL - never played but would be a great addition to GTR3)
    3. NO LIMIT TO MODEL IDs. Seriously - I know this isn't part of the actual game but assuming the game is "moddable" this is a must.
    4. Good default FFB. rfactor's FFB isn't very good without plugins but simbin's is good as default.
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    1. Time scaling
    2. Dynamic weather
    3. Licensed content, no more fictional liveries
    4. Head lights
    5. Head lights
  3. 1. Proper flag rules (i.e. penalties for dis-obeying them, red flags etc.)
    2. Endurance type pitstops, i.e. staying in the garage for 30mins to fix mechanical problems, could work well with red flags if there's a stopapge
    3. More Pit-crew animations
    4. Maybe after a driver change, the opertunity to walk around the track/pitlane/garage? It would make things much more immersive than just accelerating time till its your turn to drive.
    5. Endurance racing of course :D
  4. The car filter, of course. This would allow people to run multi-class races, or races with one car type, and would be very handy in the event of mods being made for the game.
  5. definitely +1!
  6. Make that +2 :D
  7. Lack of new/custom skin uses default skin (as per Race07)
  8. An up-to-date version of GTR2 would be good enough for me. Improved visuals, licenced GT content etc.

    GTR2 was so good with it's series, physics, endurance racing, day/night transitions and everything, it was more complete than rFactor can manage or Race Series(though it wasn't meant to be). If we can have that all again in an improved updated package then it would be perfect:good:.
  9. make the game mod-friendly, lights, oval races and dirt oval races (drag would be cool also). of course you have to have karts if you want me to buy it.
  10. rFactor 2 should be your choice for that. Hopefully GTR3 will stick to licenced GT series properly simulated like they did with GTR1/2. Though I agree that I hope they continue to support modding and reduce some of the restrictions that the Race Series has caused with model ID's etc.
  11. yeah ii am planning on buying that. but i hate to see the RACE series fade out because they can't run with rfactor. thing is rfactor has the same stuff race has but can add more to it.
  12. Simbin also need a strong SP, as barely anyone plays MP...heck, even F1 2010 is quiet on pubMP.
  13. well i think if they do that they'll have to make a server for each class and a choice of private matches so the servers will be better
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Barely anyone plays MP? For F1 2010 (not a simbin game btw) you are right. For the RACE Series there is plenty of online action.
  15. J-F Chardon

    J-F Chardon
    SimBin Studios Premium

    I guess we can have both ;)

    In a very personal opinion, formula 1 cars are not really suited for online simracing, meaning the gap between drivers skills can be so huge I often end up alone in a race. I really prefer slower cars when it comes to multiplayer.
  16. F1 and the like require a little more formal settings for online racing, which did and still is happening with rF and Race07 here at RD. But in general, they are not the kind of cars to "jump on a server and race" that say an S2000 or even GT class car can sustain...

    Good netcode will be a winner either way as will a good admin interface for servers.

    Talking of slower cars, look how well the short lived Clio mod I did filled the servers. First race filled two servers here at RD...
  17. Not if you're in Australia....
  18. In F1 2010, as long as the players are over L32, then you can have 3-4 people racing.....all thx to the level playing field wrt set up, unlike in most PC sims which are a nightmare to set up.
  19. I want to see safety cars on track