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What do YOU use for RBR..?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by John Cunningham, May 31, 2011.

  1. Having been keeping up to date with the mods section I was wondering what you use to play, if you can be bothered, purely for my own curiosity reply here..

    Computer (not xbox etc).
    G25 wheel, paddle shift and wheel button for handbrake.
    Bumper cam view.
    No pace notes edited and no other mods.
    Practice: 1 maybe 2 runs (would like more but othe hobbies work have gotten in the way this summer)

  2. Age:32
    Computer .
    G25 wheel, paddle shift and wheel button for handbrake.(After nearly 2 years of playing on keyboard, it's hard to get used with the wheel)
    Bumper cam view.
    No pace notes edited and no other mods. Very few times, brake balance modif.
    Practice: 1 maybe 2 runs (sometimes none because of lack of time)
    My other hobby, taking photos on motorsport events, last week I was passanger in a Renault Clio R3 Maxi, in the hands of a professional rally driver, in the Shakedown :)!
  3. Age 27
    PC with 32" full HD TV
    Modded G25, stick shift (sequential but have played with full manual and paddles tho).with home made hand brake and built in digi dash (
    In car (driver cam),I also set RSRBR view to be as close to original in car view.

    I Play casualy so practice realy isnt an issue for me as its all in full but i play private games usualy for an hour or so at a time 2-3 nights a week.
    Also play on the race department club rally's
  4. Age 50
    PC with 24" monitor
    Fanatec Turbo S wheel and inverted club sport pedals, my cockpit is an office desk with a Sierra Cosworth seat.
    usual use bonnet cam but after a rushed reinstall i used bummer cam but will be going back to bonnet.
    for league rallys i practice a lot and have just started to use the pace note editor, for the club events i still practice quiet a bit but no plans to edit pace notes for club rallys just yet.
    i use HDR bloom & cam hack.
    setups i suck at big time so just generally make a few small adjustments and run this setup on all stages.
  5. Age: 61 (ok, stop laughing, I'm still a kid at heart).
    PC with 23 in monitor. Swivel office chair and desk.
    G25 wheel with Fanatec CSP Pedals (just installed the pedals recently, still getting used to them). Paddle for shifting and G25 Shifter in seq mode for handbrake.
    Driving view varies depending on the Car and how good the cockpit view is. I recently stopped using CamHack (due to some issues with it), so if the cockpit view is poor, I'll use bonnet view or bumper view.
    No Pacenote edits (although I wish I knew how) or mods (except for Numnotes).
    Practice varies, I try to practice a bit for RDRC Rounds, but usually not much for Club Rallys. However, I do get some informal practice while testing cars to plan Club Rallys. Usually, the more I practice, the worse my result, lol.
    • Age 46
    • PC with 27" Dell IPS monitor
    • Fanatec GT3RS V2 Wheel & Club Sport Pedals
    • Manu-Factory Handbrake
    • Next Level Racing GT Extreme V2 cockpit
    • Driving View Bumper but might try this bonnet view Nigel mentioned.
    • Numbered notes mod with no pace note edits, yet, waiting on the guide on how to do this
    • Microdash wide mod
    • Practice at least a full day for the championship and club rounds. I drive each stage multiple times until I am sure I know all the hazards / tricky sections and always run a full rally simulation the day of the event to make sure I am ready and all the stages load correctly online. Yes I know I'm a bit OC when it comes to my rallying. :D
    • I use specific setups for each stage dependant on surface condition and gearing. These are based on the JimMethodPourSetup.txt file availabe in the setups section on RS Centre forum.
    • I use RBR to keep my eye in and senses sharp for our real rallies and find it is an excelent tool for doing this and a LOT cheaper than test days though not quite as fun it is extremely close.

      Cheers Al
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  6. Crappy PC, 23'' monitor
    Logitech G27, paddle shifting most of the time, button for handbrake
    Bumper view
    Sitting on an exercise ball :D
    Zero practice generally, obvious when you look at the results. I might force myself to try out a new stage, if there is one.
    Don't fiddle with setups, mostly because of the bad user interface.
  7. Age 23
    i7 920 "custom built" PC with 2x 24" screens (working on a 3rd for eyefinity atm)
    Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel + Pedals
    Frex Shift+ Sequential shifter on its way from Japan
    Manu-Factory Handbrake (being made soon I hope) Super stocked about that.
    Wheel Stand Pro with 2x shifter plates (one for the frex and one for a DSD Trackboss Buttonbox)
    Symprojects G-Max Gear LED indicator!
    Cockpit Cam (for max realism!) even tho I drive better with bumper.
    Like Alastair I have Numnotes with default settings
    Microdash Wide
    Particle Mod
    ENB HDR series (bloom mod)
    Suede Mod (to make Finland snow abit more like Sweeden snow)
    No Logitech Mod (got tired of those logitech logos!)
    and Camhack!
    I did practice alot until my wheel broke and I had to send it to get repaired, never driven the club rally's before, only played in practice and with friends :O But im going to start doing some online events when I feel worthy!
    Super stocked about this game, its the one and only race sim for me.

  8. Age:18
    Laptop, 15.6" monitor
    Logitech Momo, paddle shift and wheel button for handbrake.
    Cockpit view/Bumper view for bad weather.
    No pace notes edited and no other mods.
    Practice: 3-4 runs for RDRC, 1-2 for club events
  9. Age:44
    PC: AMD Athlon 3-core 2.1GHZ, ATI HD4580 1GB, 4 GB RAM, WIN XP Home, 22" monitor
    G25, paddle shifting, shifter in seq mode for handbrake
    Solid and heavy oak table, office chair
    Bonnet view with CamHack, no other mods
    Practice: sometimes with 1 run only
    Default setups with weaker brakes and softer front ARB
  10. Hi Xull have you got links to these mods mate, are they in the Mods area?

    Cheers Al
  11. i already got the links of Xull, i`ll forward them on to you m8 :D
  12. Me too please Nige. :cool:
  13. done :D

    partical mod and enb hdr bloom are already on RD.
  14. Rick Bamford

    Computer and 60ïnch Plasma TV.
    G25 wheel, Layout and shifter changes for each car i drive as well as the number of turns lock to lock and if I use a seperate joystick for handbrake. Home built frame with a Sparco pro2000 seat (it used to be in my real rally car but it is now to old)
    Incar, between the seats view.
    Edited some stages and working on the rest, num notes.
    Practice: If I'm not practicing for a rally i'll drive just for the fun of it in any car on any stage. The more time in the car, the faster you're gonna go:wink:
  15. Hi Nigel, found the particle mod in there but can't see the enb hdr bloom mod anywhere do you have a link to it?

    Cheers Al
  16. Thanks mate much appreciated.

    Cheers Al
    • Age 67 (that should make Warren feel even younger :))
    • PC with 42" flat screen monitor
    • Fanatec GT2 Wheel
    • Inverted Fanatec Club Sport Pedals
    • Frex h'brake and Seq Shifter (not in use yet)
    • CamHack with bumper view
    • Madadash wide
    • Training Day for reversed stages on separate installation.
    • HDR plugin
    • Pacenote Editor with num notes - edited stages to various levels.
      Working on editing on editing reversed stages - some done others to do.
    • Starting to use Fanatec wheel setups for different stage types.
    • Car/Stage setups
    • Practice all of the club and championship stages - use pacenote editor offline and
      online practice with Nigel. Only just found the bumper cam setting that suits me
      best, now working on improving the speed.
    • Working on developing DIY hand brakes (pot and loadcell) Using Leo Bodnar PCB
      for connecting Frex and developed accessories to PC (works well - lots of connection
    I'm happy to share settings/setups and edited pacenotes - just ask :) I will finish the editorial on pacenote editing and do one for the reversed stage editing - need to get the second installation installed on win 7 pc so I can transfer pacenote files between different installs.

    If anyone has a particular problem with editing any particular stages then I'm prepared to take a look at that stage and see what I can do for them.

  17. wow, thanks for the responses gents!!

    I have ordered an exercise ball to sit on to see if it helps.......