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What Do You Think Of F1 2010 So Far?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    F1 2010 has been out for a while now just want to get peoples opinions of what they think of the game thus far and if they think the game has been a success.

    IMO i think the game is really good apart from some glitches here and there the game has been a relative hit and from the feedback and the number of posts on this forum it appears to be taking off rather well with the masses.

    The graphics and visuals are are really good and the sound is pretty good too even though i didnt like the sound at first after three seasons of career mode it has grown on me considerably.

    One let down to this game is the ridiculous online multiplayer lobbies that take an hour tops to get into unless your hosting for friends.

    The interviews and such are a nice little feature but the questions and answers are usually all the same it adds a nice aspect of F1 driving.

    But all in all it is a great success from Code Masters not as good as it could have been but a good steeping stone maybe for the next installment or until they patch the problems.
  2. Here Here Anthony!
    I rearly like the game. Have not played the 'game' much, just doing laps around various tracks and have ing a good time with it.
    The grafic is great!
    The drivability of the cars is rearly good too. Not too hard but not to easy either.
    I will get into the game side in the near future for sure.
    I like the online play when you find a nice group. I dont like the barge mentality of a lot of the players though. When you have been hit 3 times by the end of the first sector its a bit rubbish aint it? Thats why the race's here are so much fun.
    I get butterflys in my stomach for the first 3 or 4 laps and its great!
    If you have not got a licence to race here, GET ONE! You will find a cool bunch of 'gentlemen drivers' to race with.

    Codemasters, good job. Get the improvements out and role on next year when we can play the track infornt of the GP.

    Cool & Groovy Racing!
  3. I my "opinion" i think this game has the best handling of the car and is very close to being the most realistic and has my attention.(patch or no patch) compared to other arcade/sim racing. The only complaint i have is there should have been a "quick race option with AI" to practice in traffic. that would have been nice and maybe a tad bit of better graphics.

    I take this game up one notch from having fun but not too hard core. I have tried , Nascar/Forza/iRacing but dont think they come close to my liking and is a bit of nuisance in tweaking cars and they feel very non-realistic in terms of understeer and oversteer and getting a decent setup.

    So there ya go, cheers to F1 2010 , and continue the good work.
  4. I really like this game. Halo Reach hasn't had 1 minute of play since I bought F1 2010 and because of that I think I'll be holding fast on buy Black Ops for a bit. There are, of course, thing that could be better and many are being addressed (Thank u CM!) but overall this game, to me, is as engaging as Forza2/3. I have to say that once I turned all aids off and made the AI harder I love it even more. Even though I REALLY wish we had some telemetry to look at I'm beginning to get to a point where I can actually better feel what the car is doing. And, because I have fuel/tire sim on it makes me especially cautious about how I treat me tires. Practice session are sooooo much better for me now. I really have to work at it. God bless racing!
  5. hi,

    i like the game aswell, but i guess it`s a little to "simple"...
    the cars reacts predictably, and if it still goes wrong, you can quickly correct without large movements.
    Also the A.I. could be better, you see them all take the same line, even when its not the fastest raceline...

    one more thing; the setup. for DIRT and other racegames from Codemasters its enough to take (for example) the suspension low medium or high to select, but in F1 it's much more accurate. I want numbers, instead of a sliding bench:tongue:

    but the graphics are really nice, only one thing, when your in the Ferrari, and take the cockpitview, its impossible to watch into your mirrors:p but off course I dont know how that is in reallife!!;)

    don`t get me wrong, I like this game, but I was hoping for more sim

    3 stars of 5 for me:)
  6. I'd have to agree with you. They could do both and give you a choice to either use the sliders and whole number changes or exact measurements like in real life. But, and that's a big butt :p for me it'd be a whole new learning curve. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the tuning aspect of the game.
  7. black ops what?

    I agree but at the moment i have a certain love relationship with the new MOH its online play is really intense and MW2 could learn a thing or two from this game its mental and i love it.

    I didnt think it would be so good as other titles from MOH didnt really float my boat but this is something else you really feel like you are in a war epic.

    Very detailed and very brutal and i cant see black ops being a touch on this bad boy not saying i wont buy black ops but it will probably just go back on the shelf in my room with MW2 as i know in my heart of hearts that there will just be aload of hackers and modders on it as usual
  8. there is, mate. it is in the grand prix mode.

    so far i think the game is wonderful, but the bugs, poor AI behaviour and silly "live the life" thing are really disappointing issues. if correctly patched, it can be a masterpiece, tho.
  9. I was going to get MOH too, but it's the same deal. It won't get played right now.
  10. I think it is great and with the fixes listed in today's patch update on Codies forum it will be even better.

    I am enjoying having a game that makes you start at the back of the field and work your way forward. For my abilities the AI is perfect. On most tracks with Legendary AI I can beat a teammate, but only a few better cars. I get no stupidly unrealistic results and enjoy the racing.

    I think the game's biggest problem is some of the fan base. It is amazing how many people claim something is wrong because they can't win in a car that shouldn't win! :wink:
  11. i agree great game just some things they need to fix then it would be perfect
  12. I agree entirely with all that but the last part in particular.

    People expect to win in a virgin or lotus or hrt or any car for that matter with a hard difficulty when in reality that would jsut not happen and that annoys me because then they automatically think its the game at fault when really its their perception or illusions on how good they think they are.

    Only great drivers can contest with a basic car like the above mentioned and if that is the case fair play but i'm not a strong driver and i played intermediate AI in my first season with lotus and i'm happy to say i came first by the end of the season.

    I would not boast that i am a great driver and people should quake in their boots because of that but some people think everything should be handed to them.

    Anyway i digress and am off the point i agree with you and its a great game carry on chaps lol
  13. I think you may have mis-read my last sentence Anthony.. from what I can tell, we seem to agree lol.
  14. Well I like it and hopefully when the patch come's I will love it.
  15. Purchased the game to get some racing in before GT5 arrives and have been pretty pleased with it. Just finished 1st season and I'm anxious for the 1st patch to hopefully address the problems which I have largely avoided so far. I haven't really been exposed much to F1 as there is not much media coverage in the USA but the game has gotten me interested in it. I've been downloading the BBC coverage of the recent races and I am looking forward to the South Korea race.
  16. Beyond the bugs and annoyances i think this is a great game, one of the best racing games to come out for a while. Its no hardcore sim racers love thing, but its a great game and i can enjoy it for what it is. I am looking forward to the patch.

    One thing that reinforces that i like it, my steering wheel has broken and i am itching to have a play and feel annoyed that i have to wait until next week. Despite the bad that i had to say about this game, it hooked and reeled me in good and proper.
  17. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    As Bram somewhere said.. finally an openwheeler with grip! Thats to me is still the main feel i have.
    MP interface is a pain but when you do get your group in a lobby the racing itself is great fun.

    One handling thing is bugging me though....spin controle .....i really dont get it. Hit the break and you magically straighten out the car :)

    Patch on the way to iron out most issues, lets hope they do :)

    No regreds, worth my €40,-
  18. no i just went off on a rant there and didnt even explain why i agreed i do that sometimes lol
  19. This is my first post at RD and thought I'd share my views on F1 2010 :)

    +Excellent graphics
    +Nice sound effects
    +Nice handling overall (though not quite sim enough for my liking)
    +Beautifull and accurate tracks
    +Dynamic weather is utterly amazing
    +Great fun factor
    +Career mode enjoyable and challenging

    -Handling model is lacking feedback - cant feel grip, brakes lock-up etc
    -Replay mode is poor
    -Lacking stats and telemetry
    -AI is ok but needs refining
    -Has alot of bugs but the majority of these will be fixed in the upcoming patch

    Overall I am thoroughly enjoying the game, a must for any F1 fan in my opinion. With experience and player feedback gained, CM's F1 2011 will no doubt be an absolute blinder of a game!
  20. yeah it will if they do some beta testing with actual people first and not rush themselves to get the game on the shelves so early but yeah it should be a cracker of a game