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What do you guys think of the new F1 Sky channel?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by F1 2011 Rocks!, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. So far, I think it looks pretty good - it's certainly going to be my new 'go to' channel - y'know, the channel you go to when you can't make up your mind. :)
  2. It's good.. i prefer BBC's lineup as i believe Jake DC and EJ were great comedy.
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  3. From the watching "The F1 Show" i say it´s insane how good it is! :)

    Jake, Jordan and DC were nice but i look forward to seeing what Sky can do.
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  4. I was little bit disappointed, the show had a kind of Idols feel to it. Lots and lots of cool cutscenes and shitty music, lots of "Coming Up" stuff in a true US tv style where half of the airtime is upcoming scenes from the show your actual watching. Short clips to fill up time between advertisements (i guess there is ads in the broadcast, i watched ads free version..) and not so much substance. It was 1½ long and yet it packed little of everything... Only explosions were missing to qualify it as "Michael Bay" ;)

    Nice graphics and all but i hope the actual races are better. I prefer BBC style better..
  5. at least you guys get decent F1 coverage thru BBC and Sky...

    Here in American Speed TV is the best they got...wait the only thing we have :(

    so you guys should feel lucky....last season the Japanse GP was off by 20minutes....i was following it on the BCC site and yet 20 mins after the start of the race they start showing it from the beginnign here..i was like 'TIME WARP!" lol :rolleyes:
  6. Yeah, i will bet that Sky F1 LIVE is multiplies better than SpeedTV, also known as " 5 minutes to the finish line and the top three are within one second and next: commercials" Had to watch one race from Speed last season and i was screming at the tv every 10 minutes: "LET ME SEE THE RACE, GODDAMNIT!!!"

    They really don't care what's happening in the race, when it's time to show ads, they will show ads...
  7. Now that i've watched it again, it's more of a "look what i can do" show than actual 2012 preview. That was the thing that was bugging me. There were some great bits too, very high quality settings.
  8. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I really like it. Sky do sport better than anyone else in my opinion.
    The F1 Show was really good. Very informative.
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  9. You guys are lucky to have so much F1 in your country. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  10. The 2012 Season Preview show had all the Sky Sports hallmarks of their football coverage, chav tv with a heavy Americanized style.

    I enjoy the old season reviews their running though and the interactive features for race day look great.
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  11. I'm glad they've got Damon Hill onboard, as I'm a long time fan of his - he looks so damn old now!!!
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  12. The Sky F1 Channel is good. Dosen't mean it's worth the price though.
  13. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    It's cheaper than the Norwegian F1(motorsport)-channel, which sends the commentators to the race once a year. The rest of the time they are in a small small room in Norway, looking at a 13-15" screen and having a laptop with bad internet connection.

    The Sky deal is cheap...
  14. It's free if you have the Sky Sports package.
  15. It's also free if you have Sky and Sky Sports package. Oh wait, they cost money don't they ? A lot of money ?

    Yep. Sky and Sky Sports (or HD) costs money obviously.
  16. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada


    The Spanish channel will broadcast on internet from this website in HD.

    Not sure in how many countries this will be available, if any appart from Spain, but maybe some of you can watch it there.
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  17. Yes. Obviously they cost money. The point is, if you're already paying for the Sports package, which is well worth the money overall, then the F1 channel is free. :rolleyes:
  18. Well not everyone has Sky Sports, or even Sky for that matter. Everyone had BBC. Don't try to be smart by saying "It's free" because it isn't. It will cost for the BBC too (TV License) but that isn't anywhere near as bad as a Sky Box, Sky Sports (Or HD) Package, Aerial costs, extra's etc.
  19. Oh, Gordon-blooming-Bennett, if you have Sky or Sky Sports, then the F1 channel is available at no extra charge. That makes it free. Unlike say for example Sky Box Office boxing events, which cost £15 each. They're not free - see the difference now?
  20. You two are nitpicking here... This is comparable to a situation where you buy 2 pair of socks and the third one is free. In reality, the third one is not free since you have to pay for something else first. But to the person who has already paid for the two, it's free.. So stop pickering.

    BBC is free and only those who had the Sky Sport package F1 is free. But to say that the service as a whole is free, well, it is not. For me, it's not even possible to buy. So i could start stating now that Sky F1 doesn't even exist or that it violates my freedom of choice....
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