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What do you guys think about red flags in F1 2011?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by KevinTheStig, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. I was looking on T4RG4 twitter and found out red flags were in, now im all about having the game as real as possible.
    I think this would be awesome because i'd hate to race in very bad conditions with it being very slippery reminds me of my kart race. If its very bad conditions and I'm in the lead and a red flag comes out i'll be a happy "camper" overall this is a great addition
  2. The more features and rules the better I say, makes for a richer experience. As long as there's an option to turn them off (safety car on in random players lobbies could be a nightmare etc) I dont see any problem.
  3. I dont think its essential to have red flag scenarios but if theres an option to turn off/on like what weyland has said then why not.

    Does anyone know if the safety car gets deployed in bad weather situations in F12011 or whether its just for accidents?
  4. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I understand that it makes the experience more 'authentic' but I can't see this as being anything other than annoying.
  5. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    Codemasters don't care about reality. They just care about gimmicks (this red flag is proof, they don't add anything to the game apart from your race ending early), graphics and playability for arcade players. Official F1 games have never really been played religiously by true sim-racers and I can't see that changing any time soon
  6. Red flag shouldnt be in the game, how is it going to work? too much rain and they pull the red flags out, then you have to wait too see if conditions improve? That would mean they've added a new weather setting that is undrivable, would be nice to see how the drivers feel in those sort of conditions though.
  7. Well reds flags in F1 are occasionally a reality so its not so much of a gimmick is it.

    I cant see f1 2011 being an arcade game... get bored of these so called 'hardcore sim lovers' making out that everthing about f12010 & 2011 is nothing but arcade. I can assure you if 2010 & 2011 was pure arcade i wouldnt be buying them. So perhaps you cant setup the car 100% to your personal liking but then again this is a F1 driving game and not a 'Be an Automotive Engineer' game.

    From what ives seen so far looks as if 2011 is going to be superb.
  8. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    I have F12010. It was so bug riddled on release that it was unplayable for me. I wouldn't call myself a hardcore sim racer but the way AI responded was a joke. I mean a HRT in 5th for gods sake.

    In career I easily won my first season in a lotus - That shouldn't be possible. Red flags are so rare in F1 I can't see any possible reason for including them. People think it will be cool but I can just see it getting frustrating - how does AI decide whether an incident is bad enough for a red flag? I can almost guarantee you will turn that feature off.

    And the online is just awful. Full of ramming scumbags. rF and RACE isn't like that in public servers. It just goes to show what Market they aim this at. Like I said, not bothered in realism in the slightest.
  9. I think as long as it can be turned off it's good to add, to allow people to have the choice on how they play and enjoy the game. Also I don't think red flags are getting that rare any more in real F1 as they get more safety concerned. If i remember last season Korea was red flagged, and if I'm not mistaken two races so far this season have been red flagged. Canada and Monaco. (I think).
  10. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I think it is generalising a bit too much to say the online racing is awful. I have been online racing with F1 2010 since around March and have had some fantastic races. Admittedly it is better when you have an organised event like you get with the RD leagues and clubs but it's no big problem having to go that route.
  11. LOL F1 2010 buggy? seems liek no1 here googles or finds simple fixes. so Far 2010 with the mods, and knowing which mods handle better put together ( requires experimenting) actually pays off. lol @ arcade. Online is not that bad. Just race with friends or ppl u know. Easy enuff. yeah graphics are great but they lack a bit of physics. i LOL at the ppl that hate 2010, it was their first F1 release, if course they got lots to learn. lol @ buggy...the only bug i had so far that was easy to fix was addid the core6map.xml file to the /system folder and making sure the /hardwaresettings.xml was edited. then again... tried rFactor long time ago. terrible. love sim racing but i couldnt see anythig with the pixels being so big. Im sure codemasters will improve as every season goes by. the best F1 i played besides 2010 was F1 Championship Edition.
  12. I do agree with the option to turn them off if AI makes a mistake on weather but i also would like to see how the AI plans it out
  13. idk i like the idea. i had a race in budapest where conditions where so bad i was sliding around so much i was all over the place. and i was still in first even on expert diff with a controller coz the ai were so slow they weren't putting any power down. point is the race should have been red flagged or under a safety car.
  14. It's a nice touch. As far as I know it's optional so you don't have to have them on. It will add to the immersion which is what the majority of players wanted, now we get something immersive people are complaining... They seriously can't win can they? Christ, 2010 was their first effort and it was brilliant, people complaining about 2010 are mad I swear it was the best F1 game released so far. I don't want to generalise here but just seems to be the hardcore sim racers complaining constantly, if you really want to have the most realsitic racing experience pay for a track day...It's only a game for crying out loud.
  15. Let's give 'em some time... Years of making rally games paid off - I can call Dirt 3 a good game (damage, handling etc.). In this game I miss only WRC license... But in F1 2010 & F1 2011 they haven't got that problem, have they?

    when I'm explaining to friends what sort of games is F1 2010 I'm always answering "half arcade". I can't call this one "sim", but I can't call "arcade" too. Car is easy to drive - in comparission to rFactor or Life for Speed (I like both), but If you want to make real quali lap times... Just few users on RD can.

    Other thing is that, you don't need to drive as fast as real F1 drivers, because AI is a scratch.

    In my opinion this was only problem in 2010 - AI. If in 2011 AI will be more competetive, affected by tyre and fuel sim I'm gonna buy this game. (Sure, I've already done, I preordered one...).

    Red Flag or safety car? Nice to see them here - I'm F1 fan and I know how important they can be. But if they wouldn't be there - no problem. I wouldn't cry.
  16. Well then just don't buy F1 2011 and shut up about it. I never liked 2010's career so I didn't play career. But I didn't go rambling on about it to the public who would already know the bad stuff about features.

    But I do agree with the online part. Went on a 3 lap race with a friend of mine, his brother and a friend of his in Heavy rain, Total chaos and carbon fibre.
  17. As long as we can turn it off. Dont see how this will be good for online racing. It would be more fun to just continue in very very difficult circumstances imo
  18. For me as a F1 nut, I love that the red flags are added. I can imagine a race where it suddenly pours down with rain, cars aquaplaning everywhere, suddenly the red flags are waved. That's the dynamic/lottery part of F1 that makes it so exciting.
  19. I couldn't agree more with you.

    Aslong as this option can be turned of or on then it will be fantastic.
  20. This is a really good addition. Some of you are really big hypocrites. You are complaining about red flags being in the game but I can swear that if it wasn't in you would've complained again for not being in it. Codemasters are trying their best to make the game good. I really don't see the point in crying and whining about a game that you haven't even played. I am excited to see what the red flags are gonna bring to the game.

    It would be cool if the red flags appear, the race stops, they show some footage of drivers talking with their engineers for about let's say a minute or so and then you have the option to fast forward to the part where the track is good to drive.