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What do I need to join the league?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Steve Bean, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. hi there can u help me with what downlaod i will need for this league so i can have a little test

    cant seem to find any info on where to download the thinks i need anywhere

    thx in advance
    best regards
  2. If you're installing from scratch, this might help.
  3. thanks guys woow thats alot of stuff :)

    but i will work my way through the steps and hopefully have no problems

    thx again

    ps what do i need to play online as im not sure about all this aswell sorry for my silly questions

    best regards
  4. Yeah, there are a few things to install, but it's all pretty straightforward. If you have issues, give us a shout.

    This post contains instructions and links for everything you need to download and install.
    This post contains instructions for creating or joining an online rally.

    EDIT: there's a regular club rally next week, you can join us and test your install there. If everything works, you're all set :doublethumb:
  5. don't worry mate, the only really difficult stuff is finding sb. who logs you onto the RBR online platform, took me two mails to get that sorted (about 24hours), once I could log on, everything worked splendidly.
  6. thx for the help guys i will reply back soon with my progress :)
  7. ok i am starting to get very confused i have downloaded all items apart from i cant find this RSI 3 not sure where i can get this from also i have some more options to select on my desktop i ran these and got a bit confused

    is anyone familier with team viewer it is a program to allow remote support

    can any1 connect to me to try and help at all just to explain how this all works lol

    thx in advance
    best regards
  8. Steve if you want I can start an event test for you with all those stages, just for try if you will be able to join

    RSI you can find under Ireland country (if you have installed all properly, it will be there)
  9. If you downloaded all stages, start RSCenter, register/log in, select Play Alone, and RSI 3 should be under Country: Ireland.
  10. would you be able to come onto my computer to see if i have done it correctly i dont understand it looool

    and when im am trying to install the last install Install_Pack_ALL_Packs i get errors will not install :(
  11. Send me a PM with the details please, I'll download TeamViewer and try.

    BTW, I think I had issues with the last car pack too, maybe the problem is on their end. You can download the car pack you need individually.
  12. ok senad he is in your hands :D
  13. wooohooooo big big thanks to Senad Subasic i have now reinstalled this morning all files and not in program files as i use win 7 and seems to all be working ok

    just 1 question i select play alone in a focus but it goes to game and is just spinning around a skoda lol any sugestions lol is this normal didnt seem to do anything

    big thanks again Senad Subasic u are a super star
  14. Also another thing i loaded it up for the first time today selected race alone and went to game (iwas very pleased) but was just spinning around a skoda is this normal lol or im i missing something :)
  15. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

  16. ah sorry bram still get lost on the huge rd website :)