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What cars in Assetto Corsa match each other to race fair?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Marcel Pfister, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. In GTR2 or other Sims with similar cars in a class it´s easy to race against each other with different cars and no one has a big handicap with his car.
    In Assetto Corsa there are so many different cars and classes that it could be difficult to find some different cars for a race that nearly match with their power, weight and other specs. As an example we have a Ferrari 458 GT2 and a McLaren MP4-12C GT3, why not a GT3 of both? =( ... good that there is a BMW Z4 GT3. With all the street cars it is much more complicated to organize some fair races or a championship.
    I hope that does not result in every one driving the same car because it´s the best.
  2. not knowing any technical detail of gt3 and gt2 versions of a car, i think you can let them race together. so for example the 458 gt2, the m3 gt2, the 12c gt3 and the z4 gt3 should be 4 cars on about the same performance level i think
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  3. Mapu


    gt2s and gt3s are quite different
  4. In terms of pace they're pretty much equal now, so CK is pretty much correct. You could also put the Glickenhaus P4/5 in with these 4, as it should also be pretty much on par pace-wise.

    Elsewhere I'd think 458 vs MP4 is a straight fight, Huayra (sp?) vs LaFerrari, ZondaR vs 599XX to name a few?
  5. This is why I think its a shame that there isn't a full licensed series like the "WEC", because there you have a pre-built balanced series with cars and tracks.
  6. GT3`s are faster on the straights, GT2's are faster in the corners. In general :p
  7. Some modder can create weights, artificial air restrictors, downforce limitations etc.
    Should not take more then a season to fully lock in the cars performance dis(ad)vantages.

    Will be cool too having cars that are quick on different parts of the circuit!
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  8. Italia vs MP4 - you won't get any more fair fight than that :sneaky: especially if mclaren is in spec from the start of production ('cause the newest versions have got more HP and probably a little bit modified suspension).
  9. I have a feeling 458 vs MP4 will be a very popular server. The Pagani Huyara might play nice with those two also. (maybe not at Monza, but most everywhere else)
  10. ktm xbow vs lotus eleven2
  11. It will be interesting to see whether modders are allowed to play with the base content. I think I remember someone of the devs saying that we wont be allowed to mod the tracks? That would probably apply to the cars too then. It would certainly have a big impact on the modding possibilities (for example not being able to introduce some kind of BoP - assuming Kunos didnt themselves).

    If we were given plenty of rope for the base content I could imagine some nice grids. On top of whats already been said I'd enjoy a GT4 class alot. We already have the 2eleven gt4 and alot of other streetcars (like the m3, x-bow, evora, exige) that have reallife gt4 counterparts. These would make a great base for a mod as the gt4 spec's are not too far away from normal street cars.

    We had this nice discussion some time ago that led us to the conclusion that gt2/3s dont have that much of a perfomance difference and given stable conditions are quite easy to balance. It starts on page 117 and is a couple of pages long:

  12. Found the post now. It was part of the Skype Q&A and said that there wont be any free assets like trees. Not sure what that means regarding usage and modification of vanilla content for mods. Would be nice to have clarification on that.
  13. So in terms of GT cars, this is what we have correct? (so far)

    Ferrari 458 GT2
    BMW M3 GT2
    Lotus Evora GTE
    Ferrari P4/5 Competizione by Pininfarina

    McLaren MP4-12C GT3
    BMW Z4 GT3

    Lotus 2-Eleven GT4
  14. CCX

    AC Physics: Mini | Koenigsegg One:1

    I think the P4/5 is GT3 right? It races in the VLN series which I think are GT3 cars.
  15. Mapu


  16. It's a mish-mash of GT2/GT3 cars with its own KERS type system. So no, it's not a pukka GT3 car but it runs at roughly equivalent pace, or not far off anyway. One of the cars which makes VLN/N24 so interesting

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  17. Mapu


    ok E1-XP class to be exact:rolleyes:
  18. This one is the roadcar not the GTE car:
  19. If modders can get access to the base models of the 458 GT2 and the Evora GTE road car then hopefully the 458 GT3 and the race Evora GTE won't be far behind. Also it'd be good if a modder was able to update the M3 GT2 to 2011-12 spec as well. Aaaaaand, converting the Z4 GT3 into this year's ALMS GTE car shouldn't be too difficult. Boom, we'd have another 4 GT class cars fairly quickly :D
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