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What car should I focus on?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Josh Barton, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Recently, ive found myself floating around many different types of racing doing a bit of this and a bit of that, however I think the time has come that I should knuckle down and focus on one iracing car for the next season, and becoming good at it. However, what series should I pick? Oval is fun, but can be repetitive in practice. Road is more fun to practice, but I think Im naturally a bit slower in a road course race.

    Im thinking these are the cars I could focus on:

    Indy OVAL
    Impala A Class OVAL
    Nascar C Class OVAL

    V8 Supercar ROAD
    F1 ROAD
    Prototypes ROAD

    What do you think? Whats the best series to be in? I havent seen a lot of F1 races going official, but they would be fun. Indy is my strongest atm, but Im not sure how much I can improve with my limited setup knowledge.

    How do the prototypes and MC races go? Are they enjoyable? Ive only done one but to be honest I was focusing on my SR and didnt take it all in. What would you guys recommend?
  2. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    Well, I would've gone for an over series. But that is mainly down to the fact that I'm struggling to find any good oval racing outside iRacing. For me iRacing is a NASCAR/Indy game :)
  3. I suspect HPD might be a good goice next season. GTs are getting new C class series and I suspect that GT drivers might want to get rid of those pesky HPDs, so they may move to the new series, even though it's one safety class lower. What I'm trying to say is that HPDs might geet "thier own" series just with a couple of slower GTs.
  4. I also have a hard time focusing on one series, sometimes its better to aim at just doing good in what u drive :) and i think you will then find a car you like more than the others, and race it till you get boored of it ;)
  5. Ive been practicing today with the Williams F1, ive improved 2 secs just with the laps I have done, and believe that I could get decent pace in this car pretty easily. However, why dont many people drive this thing? The only races that went offical this week were the ones orgainised in the forums on saturdays. Only a handful went offical. I dont know why, but I think its a fun car. Will there be more racers next week when it goes to silverstone?

    Because of this I may have to focus on the star mazda. Its kinda like a mini f1, and has a good following, but its not my first choice :(
  6. Star Mazda is the way to go if you want to race anytime and have relatively easy setups compared to Indy. The driver quality level is a little more mixed, but I haven't had a lot of problems in those cars. Fixed Indy also has a lot of drivers, though it does come with the limitations of a fixed setup series.
  7. Since this season is almost done here are my opinions on what I have raced and what I plan on doing next season.

    Prototype/GT series Fixed: I raced this because I love the Corvette. I also raced fixed because I wanted to race against other people with the exact same setup so I can see how I stacked up with my driving skill and not how well I can tune a virtual car. The Corvette field was very small (typical race 20ish HPDs 3-5 Corvettes 3-5 Ford GT). I did however win a few races in my class so I finally have a few wins in my win column :).

    Indy Road Fixed: Again wanted to race against others with the same exact setup. Honestly most fun I have had in iRacing came from this series. I Never had problems with disrespectful racers and I had good racing all around. Best finish I had was 5th at Spa

    F1: Very hard to setup if you are new to setting up a car. I downloaded setups from the forum and stuck to those. I did a few races with no incident points so I think the car is pretty easy to run. I will probably never win a race in it but I raced it to increase my SR. I usually finished mid to bottom pack which was fine because I just wanted to increase my SR.

    Mustang Cup: Only did a few races at Watkins Glen, I think this car is turd but the racing is very good and also the group that I raced with seemed pretty decent.

    Next season I will do Fixed Indy Car, Corvette/Ford GT series (this is a new series), F1, and probably the Cadillac Cup (new series as well).

    I would say if you want to race the F1 car I would race the Star Mazda and the Indy Car. I don't have a good "feel" for cars with lots of downforce so I don't feel fast in them and I usually drive on the cautious side so I don't wreck. I think once you get the hang of the Indy Car the F1 is similar but turned up a couple of notches. If you don't want to race single seaters then other series usually have a broad range of people that race it so you can easily find someone to race against in any race.
  8. I want to do Indy cars, however there is hardly anyone who does the road races, and even less doing the B class non fixed setup. Which is frustrating!

    My dream is still to get an Indy racing league started here at RD, i think it could be epic.

    I find the star mazda hard to drive fast, which is frustrating to me. Its something I find easier in the F1.
  9. Lotus is adding a day next season... and more drivers are climbing aboard. Driving school/practice races on Mondays - Season 2 races will be Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun. Usually the same races go official every week, it's not usually difficult to find at least a couple that will work out for any given time zone.
  10. If the V8 gets the NTM and it´s not worse then it is today i might consider doing that one.

    But it will be once in a while, i just can´t motivate myself to do a full season.
    Especially in the B-cars we have today. (apart from some)

    Caddy i hope won´t be a boat but if it is then it´s all Mclaren MP4-12c for me. That one should be eipc.
  11. Im thinking next season i will run the Indy (might do the fixed races, but hopefully the open series will have some splits running at decent times for me). I will also run the F1, but probably only every other week. Though, I do have a split for that I can easily make every week that goes official every week.

    Ill try the Caddy but I doubt its my kind of thing. I dislike the slower heavier tin tops so I probably wont like it.
  12. I'll be running the indy ovals, both fixed and open. Run ok in the open this season finishing 15th overall in div 4 with 7 weeks run. I've been knocking on the door of wins all season and finally managed to pick up back to back wins in the two races that I've run at Las Vegas this week.
  13. Ive been doing my research and now I have a list of split times that go offical every week in all the series I might be interested in. F1 is only on weekends, Indy open setup has a few more splits, the prototypes have a lot more. Im still undecided lol
  14. Only HPDs will run in Proto series this season, I would say all GTs will move to their new C class series :)
  15. I don't have enough content to follow a specific car throughout a season as the tracks are too expensive, but I'll be able to run a few weeks of The Mustang Cup, V8 Supercar (provided I don't balls up my promotion during the coming week!!) MX-5 (hate that crappy thing) and hopefully the Caddy.

    If the Caddy is really good (god I hope so) then I'll flog some belongings on eBay for the other 3 tracks on it's schedule. Also want to do some Legends racing as I'm more consistant with the oval racing, but reluctant to spend money on ovals!!

    I have the Skippy, but I cannot stand it's over twichy steering and I'm not a fan of the Spec Ford either. Would love to try the Star Mazda and a GT like the Vette or Ford GT, but without a try b4 you buy I'm unwilling to risk wasting money that I can't afford to lose:(.

    Here's hoping Season 2 gives me a reason to extend my membership!!
  16. Nothing to loose with C6.R! And if you enjoy Mustang, you won't regret buying Ford GT. I drive Corvette and it's absolutely astonishing. Mustang was a lot of fun, but since it lacks the NTM, it's a bit outdated right now and I don't think it is going to recieve the NTM, because as they say, it's one of the overpowered undertired cars and there are problems with that. V8 Supercar as well. And MX-5 is not crappy at all! It a great car with a great NTM model, the only downside is that it races in Rookie series. It won't ever work there, you have to join a private league to fully enjoy this little princess.
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  17. Lol. Sorry for calling the MX-5 "crappy", but I remember last year when I first drove the MX-5 I was in love with it's handling. Since rejoining iRacing in March I was very surprised how strange the car now feels on the NTM. Just slides and turns too sharply and lacks any feel :(. That's a personal opinion of course ;).

    I love the torque and feel of the V8 Supercar and it has a good amount of wheel lock available. I like to feel my way into turns not just turn my wheel a tiny bit and have the car trying to spin on me!!!

    Just wish iRacing would make it possible to test a car b4 purchasing:unsure:.
  18. This is a big thing I reckon. If they gave us even just an hour or two with a car before he had to buy it would be good. For instance, I bought that Mustang, drove it and HATED it. Now I feel almost ripped off in a sense, because I cant sell it off to someone else or anything.

    I like the MX5, its not great but it makes for very close and fun racing.
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  19. The Mustang is gr8 on some track and not on others for me!! Had a rough time at Spa last week, but loved it at Road Atlanta:).

    Unfortunatley I think iRacing are too confident in the realism of their cars that they think all racers will just like them automatically.
  20. The perfect track for the Mustang is Summit Point :)

    Try it, i don´t think you will press exit in a few hours :)
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