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What Car next?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Lee Ross, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. As above, just interested in what people would like to see in the future in terms of new car/cars. For me if iRacing could get a porker license then i don't think i would need anything else. Something like the 997 RSR would be perfect for me. I am a Porsche fanatic and my dream car being the 911 GT2 RS Clubsport so that would also be nice.

    Also an Aston Martin of some sort if it was possible.

    What would you like to see?
  2. Well personally I think the one that has been announced completes the set for me:

    I do prefer the open wheel cars but have always fancied a go in these high powered beasts
  3. M3 GT2 is all i need :) Or a 458 GT2 :p

    Or a Porsche GT2, infact i would like to have ALMS GT2.

    I enjoy driving the ARX-01 on rFactor, maybe I'll get this one 8Db
  5. I think I would actually like to see more F1 tracks than cars to be honest. An additional manufacture of F1 would be nice too, but I doubt that will happen...hehehe I would really settle for the paint patterns for the F1 as it's either the Williams or a solid color unless you can paint.

    If I had to pick a car I woud say something along the line of a Porsche line, but if I really had my wish a car used in the 1965 indy series. Those were just plain cool!
  6. I agree with most in saying a nice porsche would round out iracing pretty well or the DB9R.
  7. Well we will have Interlagos and Suzuka come the end of the year. Tracks for me personally the only one i really really want is Nords and would kill for Bathurst! Can you imagine the dipper and the esses done iRacing style with the awesome track elevations.
  8. Nords will be awesome!!
  9. Yea Nordschleife is really the only track i need. It was the only one i drove in GTR2, GTR Evo etc.
  10. I have to many cars to choose from already but I'd gladly take a Porsche of some description. :cool:

    Nordschleife, now you're talking.

    I'm sure it will happen...one day!
  11. They cannot do Bathurst due to licensing problems...
    Basically, either Bathurst already has a contract with someone or they simply do not want.
    Nordschleife would be awesome that's for sure...
    I know it by heart and I played ONLY on it, hotlapping alone on rFactor for 2 years in the 288GTO :lol:
    No other tracks for 2 years, at least 2 hours a week lol

    But let's be realistic... it is HUGE to scan and chances are that iRacing never do it.
  12. That was for the year 2010. They agreed to touch base early 2011 so i think it´s possible that Bathurst will be in the game next year :)

    About the Green Hell. They say it would take up to much of their time. Scanning would probably be done in a month more or less according to the staff. The ring is not a cheap place to rent so unless they sneak in at nights it would probably be a cost issue too.
  13. Karting should be great
  14. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Any car from BMW or Porsche.
    Or BMW MINIs :)
  15. Don't think I can say any better than that!
    But minis and Mx5 are probably considered as "too close" for the mini to be done anytime soon...
    Would love a BMW Z3M series... This type of slightly more horsepowered, "easy" to drive car lacks in iRacing...
  16. I think they should go for something FWD touring car style to get the European market going, they Jetta is FWD but from an american series and TDI, maybe this deal with Honda will see the BTCC Civic or old WTCC Accord come to iRacing.
  17. Isn´t Honda japanese? :p

    To get the european market going you need nothing less then Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and even Lamborghini.
    Getting a FWD Honda is not going to race any heads i´m sure :D
  18. ... making people pay for it would make it even worse :lol:
  19. I live in hope that when they get round to working on Oulton Park, they consider laser scanning a Caterham to go with it, lol.

    R500 Superlight


    Levante V8

    I guess one can dream, lol.

  20. DTM- The Golden Years - All i need!