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What can be broken on a car?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Senad Subasic, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. After seeing Ondrej's replay from one of the past rallies, I couldn't help but wonder... :D

    Anyone know what parts of the car can be broken, and influence the handling? Suspension, turbo, 4WD, differentials, aerodynamics? Not counting the ones your codriver warns you about, obviously :)

    EDIT: ah, seems like he was doing some of the stuff intentionally.
  2. Is Ondrej trying to build his RBR Video cult following even more? :party:

    Actually, it would be interesting to know more about the damage modelling in RBR, I have had some obvious damage affecting the way the car drives, and never been quite sure what it was; eg. the engine keeps revving loudly and is reluctant to change gears (but sometimes does eventually).
    I suspect we may find even more damage modelling if we try out Realistic Damge settings on-line. :eek:
  3. He couldn't seem to keep the car straight, and couldn't go through a corner without spinning. But now I don't know if it was damage, or was he just messing around.

    Anyway, I don't like it, so it won't be included :tongue:. Genuine fails only, please.
  4. On realistic there are quite a few easily broken parts, starting with easily bendable suspension parts (hubs, trailing arms, steering rods. All of them influence steering, always in a bad way. Some break and repair quickly and easily, but hub for example can be a pain to repair, so don't go out and trash your wheels merrily :) ); in transmission there are 2 or 3 breakable parts in RBR, like gear selecting mechanism (locks your gearbox in one position); there is the oil pump (dangerous one! Better not kill it near the starting line), list just goes on and on. And you do NOT want to see them all listen in service park. Play a bit using the Czech plugin and you'll become too familiar with all the ways you can make them pop up ;).
  5. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    I was going to mention the suspension damage if anything, damaging your suspension enough leads to an undrivable car and park it in the trees early on and this is often the case for the rest of the rally stage :) fun times fun times.
  6. haha time to respond
    which event replays you mean senad? I have answers for both mitsubishi and skoda!
  7. Mitsubishi this time.
  8. brakes lost did that
  9. Nah, not just brakes, you were swerving left and right, oversteering everywhere, like you had a RWD car, hence my original question.

    There was a minute of continuous footage in which you covered about 10 metres. Also, turned into and ran down the same pair of marshals twice.
  10. yeah... Look - watch my replays and from one time I crashed, I started to do so - I lost brakes and then when I tried ONLY ACCELERATE, it went me off - and that was, there were no other damage I would say, because the same happened next round where I also lost brakes in different crash and the same result
  11. Well I wanted to make more replays funny... but I have no comments for this one, never happened - no one injured - sPAM!

    (just had full acceleration and it turned itself)
  12. LOL, Ondrej is diffinately trying to gain a BIG fan base;)

    Somethings that haven't been mentioned yet.

    Drive shaft - Mean you don't have drive to THAT WHEEL ONLY. eg: if its the right front drive shaft, every time you accelerate you turn left, lol.
  13. Guess I wasn't clear enough, I was thinking about damage modeled in the game, not every possible damage that can affect handling :)

    Lukasz had me worried with hubs and trailing arms, but then he mentioned the Czech plugin, so I assumed those really are in the game?
  14. Yep, they are. Play Championship mode in plain RBR, crash once before the service and you can witness plenty of damaged components too :)
  15. Um..........everything mentioned so far here are things that can break or be damaged on your car in the Richard Burns Rally games.
  16. O rly? Cool, hadn't noticed. I guess it's only with realistic damage then?
  17. Not really, it's just way easier to wreak havoc on your ride when damage is set to realistic.