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What bright LEDs can you recommend for the SLI range?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jessun, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. I'm halfway or so done modding my steering wheel, and I wonder what type of bright additional LED's you recommend for connecting to the SLI-Pro (whilst waiting like many others for the SLI-F1).

    I'd prefer clear ones that only show colour when lit up - essentially I'd like the ones already on the SLI device:).

    Greatful for any hints what I should look for.

    The wheel is a replica, and has the functionality of the TM wheel with circuit board and all. On the back is the standard TM quickish release to keep it simple.

    It's fitted with the SLI-Pro, and the face plate of it was provided by Modmate - and a quality little piece it is:thumbsup: I still have work to do an this - and loads to learn on the software side of things, but it works fine!


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  2. I want to know all about the shifters and clutch paddles! :)
  3. Pm me if you have some questions on that.
  4. Looks like the Amalgam Replica..
  5. That's what it is Simon. Interesting to compare it to the TM. TM in my view did a really good job for that money.
  6. Hello
    I wanted to compliment you on your steering wheel.
    Very nice!!
    Are you going to make the other or did you do it just for you.
    I will looking for a stoi equal
  7. Nicely done mate, i bet the replica was really expensive was it.:D
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  8. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Nice work. Something I thought of doing but can't get the funds from the grip of the wife.
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  9. I just made this for me, and am not skilled enough to do it for others - but there are some who do.

    The Amalgam is a nice piece of kit but it needs just as much work as the TM wheel to get to modded status. All the switches are useless for instance, and drilling in carbon fibre is a bit trickier than doing it in plastic :cool:
  10. ok what happened to the jog dial rotaries'???? that is such a beautifull wheel , the body must be pricey. good job on instaling the sli-pro
    what I am /still doing is bought a 3mm clear LEDs for the 4 on top. and a 5mm clear LED for the DRS light. mine is not yet finished. and it's a TM instead of this crazy cool one of yours lol.
    once then arrived I'll installed the 4 , only done DRS light so far. check the video yet? I've put it in your other thread.
  11. Well spotted! The thumbwhels proved to be a little issue. The encoders in the model were a glued in mess and of poor quality anyways - but had a thin pin to into the actual thumbwheel. I got some rotary encoders from Bodnar but they are too big. So in the end the TM rotarys got installed in this with TM thumb wheels.Turned out to be the only quick fix.

    I'll check the vid hwangm :)