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what better way to save my textures?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by bigcarva, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    what better way to save my textures?
    Is there a way to save that it is good for both high resolution and low resolution?
    which differences between DX?
    Someone with knowledge could give some explanations?
  2. Hi,

    you question need to be more specific if you wish to have precise and usefull answers.

    There is no way to get both HR/LR tex in one tex file, but you can do two archives, one with HR tex and the other with LR tex and use one or another in the track file ('trk' or 'scn' or other track file).
    For info about DDS format and the different compressions, look on wikipedia or directly NVidia developper doc which comes with nvdxt tool.

    example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DXTn

  3. the question is indeed very vague but there is a way to have 2 different resolutions in one file, and not only 2 resolutions but a whole lot more - they are called mipmaps and the .dds format exists for this very purpose; even if the file does not contain multiple levels DirectX has the functionality to generate all the lower mipmaps at loading time and it can do that regardless the file format(dds, tga, jpg, bmp etc. - dds being the fastest to load).
  4. You are right, I have not explained myself right.
    I know that a file does not have two resolutions :)
    What I meant is if there any way to save. DDS so that it is good / reasonable in both resolutions.

    I have an old track in rfactor central and the comments were that the track is good but could improve the textures.
    for me the textures are good, but my computer is high end, so it is always good.

    I did a test by saving my textures in 1024 and 512 pixels and did not see much difference.
    as my computer is a high performance, almost never worry too much, but on computers with lower performance becomes heavy.
    actually what I'd like to know if there┬┤s any way to save that it is good when using low resolution

    sorry for my english